PMX 2012 Coverage days 1-3

Magi welcomes you to PMX!

So during Veterans day weekend I decided to go to a convention in Los Angeles, Ca called Pacific Media Expo or what most people call it “PMX”. The convention is held in the Hilton Hotel across from the LAX Airport. The attendance to PMX was quite large, and even tho it was held at a hotel, most of the hallways were surprisingly not as crowded as I would of expected.

The convention hosted a wide variety of events ranging from Masquerades, Raves, Musical performances, Actor/Actress Panels, Costume Panels, Fashion Shows, and many more! They had many Guest of honors that made appearances  at the conventions such as, Actors/Actresses and Voice Actors/Actresses Dante Basco, Christine Marie Cabanos, Cristina Vee, Lauren Landa, Marianne Miller, LittleKuriboh, Danielle McRae, and Sarah Williams. As for musical guest, Moon Stream did concert for all the fans at PMX.  Other guest that made it out to PMX were Fashion Designer Masumi Kanoh of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Anime artist Mamoru Yokota, Singer/Songwriter Ryan Styles, Mecha designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka, and of course the Power Rangers Samurai Actors Alex Heartman (Jayden/Red Ranger), Steven Skyler (Antonio Garcia/Gold Ranger), Najee De-Tiege (Kevin/Blue Ranger) Hector David, Jr. (Mike/Green Ranger). The list of Guest of Honors at PMX was quite impressive, and it’s great to see this many well known guest of the industry show up to a small convention.

Dante Basco. Known for his roll as Rufio from Hook, Ben Mercado from The Debut, and his voice acting roll as Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So let’s list the Pros and Cons I found at PMX.


*Easy to get around

*Panels, and Events were easy to find

*Most Panels and Events were fairly well organized

*A decent amount of places to eat close by

*Wide variety of events/panels


*Tho Hallways weren’t as crowded, the lobby was usually hard to get around due to the amount of people constantly hanging out in the lobby

* Horrifically slow elevators or at least queue times were long due to many convention attendees constantly going up and down to their rooms

*Con grounds were quite small, and easily explored and traveled in a short amount of time

*Small artist alley and dealer hall

*Con is surrounded by busy streets so getting around outside of the convention is difficult


Lets go over the Pros and Cons that photographers may face at PMX


*A different variety of shooting locations ranging from, Gardens, Urban, and semi industrial

*Being a small convention, all shooting locations are within close range of each other

*A good and large variety of Cosplayers to do photos shoots with

*Press panels for most guest

*Wide Variety of panels to attend



*No real reason to travel outside of the convention since there weren’t many ideal locations to shoot outside of the convention.

*Since the lack of photo shooting locations outside of the convention, most popular outdoor locations were usually crowded

*Tho there was garden in the convention area, it was quite small, and thus the convention lacked a lot more nature that maybe desired for specific shoots

*The horrendous lighting inside the convention center. It produced a orange-yellowish color to most photos. Post Process can fix this, but it required extra work.


So those are the pros and cons I personally found during PMX, Regardless of the cons the convention was still a great con to go to, and it was very enjoyable. It had almost everything a con should have, but in a smaller package. I would personally recommend this convention to  local, instate, and neighboring state con goers. As far as father out of state con goes go, I would only recommend going if you are willing to spend cash to travel to this con, or you’re a hardcore con goer. In the end I was quite happy and pleased to of gone to PMX this year, and I would definitely add it to my con rotation.

(As always if you see yourself or you know anyone in my photos, and would like me to give credit or remove the picture let me know, and I’ll be happy to do it.  Thank you and enjoy my photos from PMX 2012.

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