Do you cosplay? Be Sure to join the Masquerade at Japan Expo 2013!

Article Written by: Tyron Rocha

Photo: courtesy of Japan Expo

Photo: courtesy of Japan Expo

With Japan Expo 3 days away be sure to check out their Masquerade! Japan Expo will be hosting a Masquerade for all three days of the convention! For more details please visit their website to see the rules, and how to enter. Also be sure to check out their guest list, and schedule so you don’t miss your chance to meet one of these amazing guest Japan Expo has to offer!

Japan Expo is also proud to present guest that will be at the masquerade such as: Continue reading

Japan Expo First Impact in California Next Week!

Article Written By: Reno Benasfre


If you’re unfamiliar with Japan Expo it’s a convention that started overseas, and it has now made it’s way to the United States, and is located at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Continue reading

BigWoW! 2013 Coverage

Welcome to BigWoW!

Welcome to BigWoW! 2013

BigWoW! is Western comic book based convention that happens in mid May at the San Jose Convention Center in California. The convention offered many guest such as Neal Adam’s, J Scott Campbell, Tony Daniel, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sergio Argones, and of course Stan Lee came to join on Sunday for Autographs and photos. Continue reading

AnimeIcon 2012 Coverage

Welcome to AnimeIcon 2012

Welcome to AnimeIcon 2012

AnimeIcon had it’s second year at the Monterrey Hyatt Regency Hotel. Since the con is fairly new the attendance was a bit low, but that didn’t stop it from being a great con. In fact, for me it was probably one of the most fun I’ve had at a small convention. Continue reading

Go!Figure @ ToyLogics Event 2012

An event that was held at ToyLogic, and Hosted by Imari Yumiki. An event that allowed anime/manga lovers, cosplayers, and photographers to hang out, dance or purchase anime related products. Continue reading

NorCal Gathering (Fall) 2012

North Cal Gathering (Fall) 2012

A Gathering of awesome Cosplayers, Photographers or people who just wanted to hang out.  This gathering was held at Versona Park in Las Gatos. Continue reading

Interview with the band akai SKY

Hi, and thank you for allowing me to do this interview with you akai SKY.

Q: So please introduce yourself, and what part you play in the band?

Hayashi: Osu, Hayashi desu. I play lead guitar.

Ryuusei: I’m on vocals and occasional guitar!

Umi: I play bass.

Jinra: And I’m on drums. Continue reading