Interview with the band akai SKY

Hi, and thank you for allowing me to do this interview with you akai SKY.

Q: So please introduce yourself, and what part you play in the band?

Hayashi: Osu, Hayashi desu. I play lead guitar.

Ryuusei: I’m on vocals and occasional guitar!

Umi: I play bass.

Jinra: And I’m on drums. Continue reading

Interview with the band Kurenai

Left to right: Veball Va (Vebo), Michael Nguyen, Francis Nguyen, and Lauren Mar from the band Kurenai

Hello Kurenai, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Let’s go ahead and get started. So please introduce yourself.

Lauren: Hi! My name is Lauren and I am the lead vocalist. ^-^

Francis: I’m Francis. I play drums and make lots of loud noises with various body parts.

Michael: Hey, my name is Michael, and I play the geetar. And the cowbell (but don’t tell Francis…)

Vebo: My names Vebo. I’m the bassist and I also play the role of comic relief. Continue reading