Hypercon 2012 Day 2

Hypercon is an Anime convention held at San Mateo’s Event Center during the month of September. The convention is quite small compared to other conventions, but it was still quite the enjoyable experience. Even tho it’s small you can still experience a little bit of everything you can see at larger cons. They had everything from panels, masquerade, gaming zone, vendor booths, cosplayers, events etc, but of course in a much smaller scale. Continue reading

Day 3 at SacAnime (summer) 2012

I insist you check out Day 3…

Day 3 at SacAnime (summer) 2012. Continue reading

SacAnime (summer) 2012 Day 2

Welcome to one hell of an anime convention.

Day 2 of SacAnime (Summer) 2012. Continue reading

Anime Expo 2012 Day 3

Link’s unite!

Anime Expo 2012 Day 3 Be sure to check out my coverage for the other 4 days of AX 2012. I actually cosplayed this day so I didn’t get to get as many pictures as I would of liked, but enjoy what I did take. I also went to the Masquerade, and I did take pictures, but since most came out blurry because of the no flash rule, and trying to take pictures of people moving on a stage with a low shutter speed kind of sucks. So I decided not to post them. Continue reading