BigWoW! 2013 Coverage

Welcome to BigWoW!

Welcome to BigWoW! 2013

BigWoW! is Western comic book based convention that happens in mid May at the San Jose Convention Center in California. The convention offered many guest such as Neal Adam’s, J Scott Campbell, Tony Daniel, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sergio Argones, and of course Stan Lee came to join on Sunday for Autographs and photos. Continue reading

Go!Figure @ ToyLogics Event 2012

An event that was held at ToyLogic, and Hosted by Imari Yumiki. An event that allowed anime/manga lovers, cosplayers, and photographers to hang out, dance or purchase anime related products. Continue reading

A day at Fanimecon 2011

One Piece Welcomes you to Fanimecon 2011

Hey everyone! If you live in the Bay Area or even close by you may of known that one of the biggest Anime conventions in the Bay Area has finally come to an end yesterday (03-30-11). It was a 4 day convention lasting throughout the Memorial day weekend.  I was only there for Saturday but it was still great nonetheless. Now this was my Third year there, and I have to say I’m still glad that it’s still running as strong as ever. Continue reading

Figma Saber Casual version & Saber Alter Figure Video Review

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of reviews lately I’ve been pretty busy but I finally bring you some reviews of a slightly older figma and that is Figma Saber Casual vers. and I also bring you a review on her Alter form “Saber Alter”. I have to say I was really excited to hear that figma was going to release a figma Saber alter way back during the winter wonderfest because she is one of my favorite forms of saber and now we finally have her and I was pretty excited to do this review. Continue reading

Figma Rider video review

Hey everyone sorry for no videos for a while been busy as well as I have to blame myself for procrastinating on editing the several reviews I’ve recorded over the past months. So without further ado I bring you Figma Rider by Max Factory.

Continue reading