BigWoW! 2013 Coverage

Welcome to BigWoW!

Welcome to BigWoW! 2013

BigWoW! is Western comic book based convention that happens in mid May at the San Jose Convention Center in California. The convention offered many guest such as Neal Adam’s, J Scott Campbell, Tony Daniel, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sergio Argones, and of course Stan Lee came to join on Sunday for Autographs and photos. Continue reading

My drawing I did for Dannychoo’s new show TokyoMXTV

Here is the drawing I did for his new show which the theme was a drawing or picture of ritsu or her voice actress Satomi Sato. I decided to have a little more fun and do a little more than that.

I also have a DA account with some of my art I did last year:

Here is the final piece and after is the WIP steps to how I did the piece.

Final piece.

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