BigWoW! 2013 Coverage

Welcome to BigWoW!

Welcome to BigWoW! 2013

BigWoW! is Western comic book based convention that happens in mid May at the San Jose Convention Center in California. The convention offered many guest such as Neal Adam’s, J Scott Campbell, Tony Daniel, Bill Sienkiewicz, Sergio Argones, and of course Stan Lee came to join on Sunday for Autographs and photos. Continue reading

Wondercon 2012 Coverage

Since 1987 Wondercon has been in San Francisco, but for this year that changed due to renovations to it’s normal convention location. So this year it was held in Anaheim, Ca. Would this change hurt Wondercons attendance… or just make it more popular than it already was? Well from my experience in going this Friday, and being a attendee to Wondercon for the past 3 years I have to say that it had no negative effect on the attendance, and it seems like it may even produce a bigger attendance for next year whether it’s in Socal or Norcal.

So here’s some photos of the convention, and of the many cosplayers that have gathered at this years Wondercon 2012.

Welcome to Wondercon 2012

If you see yourself in any of these photo’s feel free to let me know, and I can add any URL’s to any sites/blogs you may be part of or own. Also if you want me to remove a picture that may contain you yourself in it feel free to contact me, and I will remove it ASAP. Also Please respect all cosplayers shown on this blog. Any negative comments will be removed.

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So tired… just got back from Wondercon 2010

So today was a pretty big day I actually just came back from wondercon 2010 which is held in San Fransico’s Moscone Center South. If you don’t know what wondercon is it’s pretty much a comic book convention and is a much smaller version of the well known Comic-con which that one is held in the southern part of California.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of comic books nor do I read them as much as I read Manga’s but I do appreciate all the art illustration  that were there. Plus I got to hang out with some of my good friends who are huge comic book fans and meet some really cool artist.

Anyways I’m  pretty tired from it so I’ll be editing the hrs of video footage from the convention as well as all the pictures I took so I’ll have them up sometime this week. It’s going to be  a pain to edit about 3 hrs of random footage and commentating I did while I was videoing into a 10min youtube video >_< so it might end up in two parts. Anyways keep a look out for my updates of my time at Wondercon sometime this week.

I’m so looking forward to Fanimecon next month!