NorCal Gathering (Fall) 2012

North Cal Gathering (Fall) 2012

A Gathering of awesome Cosplayers, Photographers or people who just wanted to hang out.  This gathering was held at Versona Park in Las Gatos. Continue reading

Wondercon 2012 Coverage

Since 1987 Wondercon has been in San Francisco, but for this year that changed due to renovations to it’s normal convention location. So this year it was held in Anaheim, Ca. Would this change hurt Wondercons attendance… or just make it more popular than it already was? Well from my experience in going this Friday, and being a attendee to Wondercon for the past 3 years I have to say that it had no negative effect on the attendance, and it seems like it may even produce a bigger attendance for next year whether it’s in Socal or Norcal.

So here’s some photos of the convention, and of the many cosplayers that have gathered at this years Wondercon 2012.

Welcome to Wondercon 2012

If you see yourself in any of these photo’s feel free to let me know, and I can add any URL’s to any sites/blogs you may be part of or own. Also if you want me to remove a picture that may contain you yourself in it feel free to contact me, and I will remove it ASAP. Also Please respect all cosplayers shown on this blog. Any negative comments will be removed.

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My Day at Fanimecon 2010

For those who don’t know Fanimecon is a anime convention held in San Jose California once a year. I was lucky enough to get one day off for this event tho I wish I was able to go at least 2days because one day just seemed to not be as satisfying as I would of thought and for the fact I missed FLOW 😦 because they didn’t start the concert till pretty late and the friends I went with wanted to leave early because they work earlier than I had to the next day. But nonetheless it was still a great experience and I had a lot more fun this year at Fanimecon than I did last year.

Anyways here are some photos I took at the convention. Oh and feel free to correct me on any cosplayers I might have mistaken as other characters or if I don’t know which series the cosplay is from. Oh and if you are one of the people in the pictures please let me know or  if you  want a picture of yourself removed I will do it asap upon request. Anyways Enjoy^^.

The San Jose Convention center that Fanimecon is held at.

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Some Wondercon/April Loot and my new Laptop.

So we just had Wondercon 2010 down in northern California this weekend and I was able to acquire some loot there. I also picked up an Asus G60 for my new Laptop as well a few days ago before the convention because my last one crashed=/.

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