Japan Expo First Impact in California Next Week!

Article Written By: Reno Benasfre


If you’re unfamiliar with Japan Expo it’s a convention that started overseas, and it has now made it’s way to the United States, and is located at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. The convention is a anime based convention, but don’t let that turn you away if you’re not an anime fan. The convention will feature all types of Artist in their artist alley, and if you’re not a fan of that, but a fan of Cosplay there will be plenty of that, and there will be a wide variety of Cosplay events, and a Masquerade!

The convention will also feature many musical performances such as:







There will also be plenty of other guest coming to this event such as the Evangelion Designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Evangelion Designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

If you’re still not convinced to come down to Japan Expo 2013 in Santa Clara then please stop by their website, and check out the many other events, and performances that I’m sure will catch your eye.

Website: http://japan-expo.org/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JapanExpoUSA

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