Cosplay interview with Eternal Arcana

Eternal Arcana Cosplay

Eternal Arcana Cosplay

Names: Miyabi and Akina or Eternal Arcana Cosplay


Miyabi:  I’m 27 years old

Akina: >^.~<  ❤

Location: Bay Area, California

Q: Now both of you decided to do a shoot with me as Wreck-It Ralph characters. Was this the first time you two have cosplayed with each other?

Miyabi: No, we’ve cosplayed together since 2011

Akina: Nope! Not the first time! >^.^<

Q: So how long have you two been cosplaying with each other?

Miyabi: We have been cosplaying together since FanimeCon 2011. I was a solo cosplayer starting in 2009.

Akina: Hmm… Lets say about 3 years now?

Q: Have you two cosplayed as any other characters together, and if so, what characters did you cosplay as?

Miyabi: Akina and I have cosplayed from Persona 4 as Yukiko Amagi and Chie Satonaka and from Atlus’s Catherine as Catherine and Katherine McBride.

Akina: Let’s see…. So far we’ve done Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4. First it was Miyabi as Yukiko Amagi, and I was Rise Kujikawa. Then I retired Rise and did Chie Satonaka the following year because they were best friends in the series. Miyabi and I are best friends in real life >^o^< The next one we did was C/Katherine from Catherine the game. We both did both characters. It was fun trying to be either the serious or the flirting type of girls. >o<

QSo why did you both decide to cosplay as Wreck-It Ralph characters? Any specific reason?

Miyabi: I watched the movie first and told Akina about it. I told her it was an absolute must-see film! I knew she would love it, and she did!

Akina: Well Originally Miyabi did Vanellope first at another con because she watched the movie before me. As soon as I watched the movie myself about a month later, Miyabi suggested I cosplay with her as one of the Sugar rush characters. I was planning to be one other racers originally, Crumbelina, but our friends suggested I be her Rival/bully errr…. Other important character.. that is how Taffyta Came to be! ^_^

Q: How did you two end up cosplaying with each other? Did you meet at a previous convention, or were you friends to begin with?

Miyabi: Akina and I have been best friends since Kindergarten. We have vastly different personalities. Akina is a athletic and a tomboy, while I am more gentle and shy. Our differences and our hobbies is what drew us together. We share similar hobbies: we both love video games, anime and art. As for myself, I love costumes and dressing up – I have always known this! I was always a fan of Halloween.

Akina: We are best friends to begin with! >^o^< ❤ We’ve known each other since we were in kindergarten. We have always done our individual cosplays long ago, but the first time we cosplayed together was Fanime 2011. And that’s how we began cosplaying together even more!

Q: If money or skills weren’t an issue would you two have any dream cosplays that you would like to do in the future?

Miyabi: My dream cosplay is Rose from Legend of Dragoon, in her Dragoon form. It’s a costume that really emphasized heavy battle armor.

Akina: If I had the body (ahem) >o< I would love to attempt one of Kurohime’s gunwitch forms would be AWESOME! Or there is also Angewomon from digimon, or Tsubasa’s Sakura… one of her most detailed/intricate cosplays ever… There is quite a lot of characters I would love to do, but being as complicating as they are would be very time consuming! Now if there’s a Dream cosplay that I would love to do together with Miyabi, then that’s definitely be Rayearth characters in their full armored suits, or Fushigi Yuugi Characters in the Priestess forms >o< those being so finely detailed and what not @___@

Q: Now what made you want to start cosplaying?

Miyabi: There was a time Akina and I weren’t spending enough time with each other. This hobby helps us stay in touch with each other. We live in different cities and have a very busy daily routine.

Akina: When I became my high school’s anime club president at the end of my sophomore year, I started doing research on events I could get the club involved with. Along the way I discovered FanimeCon. From there I joined the forums and what not and met quite a few people talking about cosplay! As I got more involved in the Fanime forums meeting new friends at my first ever convention, I attempted cosplay once! I was such a newbie at it! But when a few people actually took photos no matter how bad it was, got me more and more interested. Although I did stop for about 2-3 years because I felt discouraged and felt that I wasn’t good enough to continue. As I got older, my thoughts changed and friends wanted to do some cosplays together. I got a little push to cosplay again and the feedback I got from fans, especially from my own personal Akina designs, pushed me to get back into cosplaying! >^.^< ❤

Q: What would you say are some of the benefits are when it comes to cosplaying with a friend?

Miyabi: Cosplaying is so much more fun with a group or with a friend. In my particular case, I look up to Akina. I’m shy, so she gives me the strength I need to be brave in this hobby.

Akina: I guess you can say we get more of a response cosplaying together than solo because most fans LOVE seeing characters from the same series/game/anime/move/etc. together. Especially if they are either best friends like Yukiko & Chie or rivals like Vanellope & Taffyta. Even characters that determine your ending like Catherine & Katherine >=)

Q: So when it comes to cosplaying with each other how do you both decide what characters you will go as?

Miyabi: We usually pick characters who are childhood best friends or who are at odds with each other but have a strong bond with one another/ or enemies (for example, Catherine and Katherine).

Akina: Hmm… we’ve usually been going as characters that matches us in personality. Most of the time its already characters that we personally like ourselves. Then again, if someone cosplays one character first, then we just choose who’s the closest to the other character like Vanellope & Taffyta. Catherine & Katherine on the other hand, it was hard to decide who would be who, so we decided to be both characters one day and swap another day! >^o^<

Q: Are there any future cosplays that you two are deciding to do at any future conventions, and if so, what future conventions will we be able to see it at?

Miyabi: Akina is planning on creating original designs for our cosplays aliases. We’re hoping to see more original work!

Akina: We are already discussing about doing a few together, but we don’t know when we will be doing them! I know we will be doing our own individual cosplays at FanimeCon, but as a new duo cosplay will be TBA >^.^< You’ll most likely see our duo cosplays before or at Fanime 2013. =)

Q: Any advice that you two would give to anyone new who wants to cosplay with a friend or group?

Miyabi: Just do it for the fun of it. I don’t do it for any other reason. Cosplay has brought Akina and me together in ways we never thought possible. The most important reason I cosplay is my BFF! She and I have been friends since kindergarten. We’ve had a few times where we’ve drifted apart from each other. She has been an otaku since high school, but I went on to do different things and discover other interests. Games, anime, cosplay – this hobby is one of the important things that bring us together. I love her so much!

Akina: Hmmm…. Well, never hesitate to ask! If you have friends with the same interest in cosplay then just ask if you would love to do one together! If you have to start solo, then nothing is wrong with that, because you tend to meet many people along the way. And you’d even form random groups! For example, our Persona 4 group was literally spur of the moment! Originally it was 3 of us, Yukiko, Chie, & Naoto. Then with other friends as we were planning for a shoot through friends, we met Rise & Narukami. Then during Fanime, we pretty much pulled our Youske and Kanji from the crowed as we were walking to another location! Literally it was spur of the moment but it was FUN. Just enjoy yourself with cosplay, and eventually you’ll form groups of your own. >^.^<

Q: Thank you both for doing this Interview and photoshoot with me. Now is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Miyabi: Thank you so much for reading the interview! A very big THANK YOU to Reno for being so patient with us! We have been so busy in our daily lives that this interview almost didn’t happen!

Akina: Thank you readers for taking the time to read our interview! Thank YOU Reno for doing this interview and having a shoot with us! It was a new experience doing a shoot with different photographers. Thank you everyone for the love and support of our cosplays! Never be discouraged for anything and enjoy what you do freely! ❤

*Do you have any extra websites that you own that you would want fans to follow you on? Ex: Facebook, Twitter,, etc…)?

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