PMX 2012 Interview with Shibbles

Name: Shibbles

Age: 23

Location: C.A.

Q: So when did you start cosplaying, and what was your first character you cosplayed as?

Shibbles: Anime Expo 2005 as Yazoo from Final Fantasy Advent Children

Q: What made you want to start cosplaying?

Shibbles: I wanted to be part of the cosplay community and join the gatherings. Everyone at the con seemed to be having fun while in cosplay and also tried to be in character, this was probably what sealed the deal.

Q: What character(s) did you cosplaying as during PMX?

Shibbles: Female version of Ezreal from League of Legends, and Lisbeth from Sword Art Online.

Q: What do you enjoy most about cosplaying?

Shibbles: All the friends I make and the satisfaction of portraying a fictional character for fellow con goers.

Q: In your opinion what are the Pros and Cons about cosplaying?

Shibbles: Pros: Make new friends
Practice your creativity side
Cosplay in a group with fellow friends
Bring a character to life

Shibbles: Cons: Money and time consuming
Packing multiple cosplays for the weekend
Uncomfortable outfits at times

Q: If skills, and money weren’t an issue what would be your dream character to cosplay as?

Shibbles: Pulsefire Ezreal from League of Legends. For the simple fact that he is my most favorite character by far and I love the concept design behind it. Plus shiny lights would attract anyone, right?

Q: What costume do you feel most proud of that you’ve completed?

Shibbles: Lisbeth from Sword Art Online. Surprisingly it took me about 2 days to make, before the con too. The dress was quite comfortable, except the armor limited my movement.

Q: Do you have any tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

Shibbles: Start with something simple
-Don’t over work yourself
-Ask family and friends who can sew for advice
-Plan cosplays ahead of time

Q: Aside from cosplaying what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Shibbles: Writing fan-fiction  depending on what series/game I am currently interested in.
-Occasional drawing. I mainly draw my original character, Shiva, who I created approximately 10 years ago.
-Video Games.. CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield 3 are my current top faves. League of Legends is my addiction for now. I also play Minecraft occasionally.

Q: What character(s) can we look forward to seeing you cosplay as in the future?

Shibbles: I have a small list, but so far:
-Rena from .Hack// Legend of the Twilight
-Misa chan from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
-Aveline from Assassins Creed 3

Q: If any fans wanted to see your costumes what future conventions will fans be able to see you at?

Shibbles: Anime Los Angeles 2013
-Fanime Con 2013
-Anime Expo 2013
PMX 2013

Thank you for being a part of this interview, and are there any last words that you would like to say the to the readers? 

Shibbles: Thank you One Shot Artist for the interview and your amazing photos. To everyone else, thank you for tuning in and taking the time to read this.

It was a pleasure interviewing, and doing a photo shoot with you Shibbles, and if you’d like to follow more of Shibbles work please visit these sites.
Deviant Art:

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