Hyper con 2012 Interview with Cassidy and Roxy

Today I bring you an interview with two cosplayers, who go by the name Cassidy (cosplaying as Axel), and Roxy (cosplaying as Demyx). Who were also the winners of Hyper con’s 2012 Masquerade. I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with these to cosplayers during the convention.

Q: Now both of you decided to do a shoot with me as Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII characters. Was this the first time you two have cosplayed with each other?

Cassidy: No it’s our second time only

Roxy: This was not the first time we have cosplayed with each other. We cosplayed at a previous convention together last month.

Q: So how long have you two been cosplaying with each other?

Cassidy: about a month now

Roxy: Only about a month.

Q: Have you two cosplayed as any other characters together, and if so, what characters did you cosplay as?

Cassidy: No we have not yet. But we’re planning more soon!

Roxy: No we have not cosplayed as other characters with each other.

Q: So why did you both decide to cosplay as Organization XIII characters ? Any specific reason?

Cassidy: Well Hyper con happened to be on the official AxelXDemyx day and AxelXDemyx has recently became a popular yaoi pairing. However, we didn’t plan for this at all. It surprised us both! But for myself, Kingdom hearts is my childhood, I recently got back into it after 6 years and now, I’m reliving my childhood

Roxy: We both decided to cosplay from Kingdom Hearts II because, I really loved the game itself, I got into it when I was young and kind of grew up with it. So when I started cosplaying, I wanted more than anything to cosplay with my friends from Kingdom Hearts. It also happened to be AkuDemy day on the same day.

Q: How did you two end up cosplaying with each other? Did you meet at a previous convention, or were you friends to begin with?

Cassidy: We met at Kin Yoobi con with other Kingdom Hearts cosplayers a month ago and we’ve stayed in touch since then.

Roxy: We both met randomly at a convention (Kin-Yoobi con) a month ago, and we happened to both be cosplaying from Kingdom Hearts II, we talked a lot and became friends. From there, we kept in touch and tried to go to more conventions together and with everyone else we met.

Q: So when it comes to cosplaying with each other how do you both decide what characters you will go as?

Cassidy: We both plan out our cosplay from the same anime/game/webcomic. We choose characters that have some sort of connection to each other so we can easily role play and interact with each other.

Roxy: When my friend met up with me at Hyper-con, she told me it was official Akudemy day. So we both decided to cosplay from Kingdom hearts partially because of that. But we also choose our cosplay to be coherent with each other’s so that we can cosplay from the same anime as a group.

Q: Are there any future cosplays that you two are deciding to do at any future conventions, and if so, what future conventions will we be able to see it at?

Cassidy: We’re planning to continue being Axel and Demyx from Kingdom Hearts, but we also plan to be Shiuzo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara from Durarara!. We also plan to be Romania and Norway from Hetalia. We will try to get to Sac Anime Winter in January, but we plan to go to Anime Destiny, AnimeICon and Fanime 2013.

Roxy: Our future cosplays from the rest of 2012 through 2013 will be from Hetalia as Norway and Romania, Kingdom Hearts II as Axel and Demyx, Durarara! as Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara. We have plans to be at Sac- Anime winter 2013. Other conventions we are still deliberating on attending are: Fanime 2013, Hyper-con 2013, Kin-yoobi con 2013, Anime icon 2012, Anime Destiny 2012.

Q: Any advice that you two would give to anyone new who wants to cosplay with a friend or group?

Cassidy: Cosplay is something that shows your creativity and what you love. It doesn’t matter if your cosplay is simple, complicated, or incorrect, it’s about having fun!

Roxy: My advise would be, don’t over-stress on wether you’re cosplay is super perfect or not. The main point of cosplay is to go have fun with your friends, and dress up as a character from your favorite anime/movie/show/manga/book/etc., It’s not a competition. It’s something you do because it makes you and other people happy.

Great advice, Cassidy and Roxy,  and I want to thank you both for taking your time to do this interview with me, and for allowing me to do a photo shoot with you two at Hyper con 2012.

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