SacAnime (summer) 2012 Interview with Scott

Name: Scott

Age: 23

Location: California, USA

Q: So when did you start cosplaying, and what was your first character you cosplayed as?

Scott: I started cosplaying at the end of May 2012, about 3 months ago, at Fanime-Con in San Jose. The first character I cosplayed as was Deidara from Naruto: Shippuden.

Q: What made you want to start cosplaying?

Scott: I have been going to conventions since 2003, mostly Fanime-Con. I was always content to “observe the show” rather than “be the show”. However, in March of this year, I decided to make an effort to cosplay at this year’s Fanime. I was also getting a little out of shape, so I decided to use cosplaying as an excuse to get in shape. So probably just getting tired of not being “part of the show” and also fitness, because the character I wanted to cosplay as is pretty darn skinny. Sadly, most anime characters are…

Q: What character(s) did you cosplaying as during Sac Anime?

Scott: I cosplayed as Deidara from Naruto: Shippuden .

Q: What do you enjoy most about cosplaying?

1) Providing joy/hapiness/elation/interest/excitement/intrigue to con-goers. From my perspective this is the funnest part about cosplaying; I have fun making others happy.
2) Getting a chance to work on my performance skills by acting in character. I think it actually boosts one’s confidence in “real life” if you are a cosplayer.
3) Seeing other fans cosplay the same character as you at conventions. It’s kind of like finding your semi-soulmate.
4) The process of putting on the costume before the con. The adrenaline builds up and it feels almost like an out of body experience as your appearance changes in the mirror.
5) Screwing around with “normal people” at “normal” loications. They have no clue what’s going on =)

Q: In your opinion what are the Pros and Cons about cosplaying?

Scott: Pros: +Lots of fun, +Improves Confidence, +Can be used as an excuse to get into shape, +unique hobby to share(not something boring like sports/reading), +Improves Creativity

Scott: Cons: -Expensive!, -Success is somewhat dependent on how fit you are/how naturally handsome/pretty you are,

Q: If skills, and money weren’t an issue what would be your dream character to cosplay as?

Scott: Deidara from Naruto: Shippuden. Non-Deidara, I would have to say Janna from League of Legends.

Q: What costume do you feel most proud of that you’ve completed?

Scott: Deidara from Naruto: Shippuden.

Q: Do you have any tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

1) Don’t do it half-way, like just wearing a wig or doing one part of the outfit. People will notice at cons, even if they don’t say anything to you.
2) Know your budget beforehand. Cosplay can be a very expensive hobby.
3) Try to pick a character that a) you really like b) is somewhat similar in height/appearance, and c) hopefully is from a popular series

a) is the most important because it makes it less likely that you give up during the process of making the costume
b) is the 2nd most important because this is the foundation upon which the success/failure of your costume is determined
c) for your first cosplay, you want to be recognized at conventions. This is your measure of success. If your first cosplay is an obscure character, then you won’t get recognized as much, and you’ll assume in your mind that your cosplay is bad. I would lean towards doing an underexposed character from a popular series than a main character from a niche series

Q: Aside from cosplaying what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Scott: Poker, trance music, tennis

Q: What character(s) can we look forward to seeing you cosplay as in the future?

Scott: Deidara from Naruto: Shippuden, Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia, and maybe Janna from League of Legends.

Q: If any fans wanted to see your costumes what future conventions will fans be able to see you at?

Scott: New York Comic-Con in October 2012
Pacific Media Expo maybe in November 2012
Sac-Anime Winter 2013

Q: Thank you for being part of this interview, and are there any last words that you would like to say the to the readers?

Scott: Remember that great art can have many forms, but it is always an explosion!

Well, Thank you very much Scott for taking time out of your day to do this interview, and I’m glad I was able to work with you at SacAnime this year. If you would like to see more of Scott’s work please visit or follow him on one of his sites:

Cosplay: my Deidara cosplay costume


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