SacAnime 2012 (summer) Day 1

SacAnime is an Anime convention that is held in Sacramento every year for the past 7 years, but originally starting in Citrus Heights for their first year. This year as well as the past four years the convention was held at the Woodlake Hotel in Sacramento, but due to the growth of this convention over the years SacAnime decided to relocate to a bigger location next year at the Sacramento Convention Center. I’m not new to Anime conventions, but I was new to SacAnime this year, and I was glad to finally made it out this year to enjoy the experience of SacAnime at the Woodlake hotel before they moved.

Now SacAnime may not be the largest convention in California like Anime Expo or Fanime as well as many others, but it has it has a lot of good qualities that you may not find at larger conventions. One being the close knit relationships that people had at the convention. It seemed to of had a more friendly atmosphere while I was there, compared to let’s say… Anime Expo where it seemed like it was so large that everyone just wanted to do their own thing, and there wasn’t as much room to sit, and chat with random people too long. I didn’t get that feeling from SacAnime because it was more wide open, and it allowed you to just sit, and talk to random people all day.

Anyways enjoy my coverage of Sac Anime Day 1.

(As always if you see yourself or you know anyone in my photos, and would like me to give credit or remove the picture let me know, and I’ll be happy to do it. Also if you know the name of any characters that I don’t know which series they are from or their name or if I wrongly label a character feel free to let me know so I can make the changes). Thank you and enjoy my photos from SacAnime.

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