SacAnime 2012 (Summer) Interview with Amie

Name: Amie

Age: 20

Location: California

Q: So when did you start cosplaying, and what was your first character you cosplayed as?

Amie: I started cosplaying back in middle school. First cosplay I did was Gunner!Yuna from FFX-2, but that was bought online. Then I decided I wanted to make a cosplay, and my mom helped me cosplay Kairi from the first Kingdom Hearts.

Q: What made you want to start cosplaying?

Amie: I was always so in love with beautiful costumes, and thought it would be fun to BE a character. Eventually it evolved into a love for just figuring out how to construct certain outfits, like a puzzle, and look as good as possible. Every day I’m striving for a higher level of perfection.

Q: What character(s) did you cosplaying as during Sac Anime?

Amie: This year I only brought along one cosplay, Minako/FeMC from Persona 3 Portable.

Q: What do you enjoy most about cosplaying?

Amie: The best thing about cosplaying is getting asked for pictures and being told how much they like my costume. It makes the hours and hours of fretting over minor details worth it in the end.

Q: In your opinion what are the Pros and Cons about cosplaying?

Amie: Pros would be feeling like a celebrity when everyone is so amazed by the costume, but Cons would be how the level of awesomeness is positively correlated with the level of comfortableness. The more bad-ass an armored cosplay in heels and giant weapon looks, the more of a pain it is to walk around in. And don’t get me started on keeping wigs looking acceptable throughout the day.

Q: If skills, and money weren’t an issue what would be your dream character to cosplay as?

Amie: I’m sure I can’t think of any good ideas right now, but if it were possible, one day I’d love to do something that involved crazy use of body paint, like Undine from Tales of Symphonia, or Stella from Interstealla 5555.

Q: What costume do you feel most proud of that you’ve completed?

Amie: I feel the most proud of my Minako cosplay. It doesn’t get much attention at all at cons, because it looks so plain, but it was actually very intricate when it came to the details. I dunno, I just love how realistic it looks, maybe that’s why it doesn’t stand out. Because I look like a normal school girl!

Q: Do you have any tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

Amie: I suppose the one tip I would have for beginning cosplayers would be to not, no matter how enticing, half-ass your work. It really shows if you had started a week before. A good cosplay takes a lot of time and a lot of love. If you want to make it the best you can, take your time with it. Don’t leave any raw edges. Find the right wig. I know it can be expensive, that’s one of the reasons why it takes so long, because you have to save up money. But it’s SO worth it in the end, and I believe anyone has the ability to cosplay like pros.

Also, I didn’t get this tip until years after cosplaying, but once you tie up your hair and are about to put on your wig cap, drench your hair in hairspray before you put on a wig! It keeps the wig from falling or moving around on your head.

Q: Aside from cosplaying what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Amie: My hobbies include drawing, singing, video games, and being online in general. I’m on my computer probable 8+ hours every day.

Q: What character(s) can we look forward to seeing you cosplay as in the future?

Amie: My newest projects are Minako (Same P3P character) in her Battle Panties outfit, and a genderbended Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara. Also, possibly a MLP’s Rarity if I have free time.

Q: If any fans wanted to see your costumes what future conventions will fans be able to see you at?

Amie: My newest projects are Minako (Same P3P character) in her Battle Panties outfit, and a genderbended Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara. Also, possibly a MLP’s Rarity if I have free time.

Q: Thank you for being part of this interview, and are there any last words that you would like to say the to the readers? 

Amie: It was a pleasure being interviewed! And to the readers, oh man, I love making new friends, please hit me up online, or say hi if you see me at a convention! I’m a hugger! @A@

It was a pleasure to interview you, and thank you for allowing me to do a photo shoot with you, and taking time out of your day to do this interview. If you would like to see more or follow Amie please check out her sites:

Deviant Art:

More pictures of Amie’s Cosplay of Amie’s Persona 4 Minako Cosplay:

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