SacAnime 2012 (Summer) Interview with Pika and Manik Semiramis

Pika cosplaying as: Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

Manik Semiramis cosplaying as: Elizabeth Middleford from Black Butler

Q: Now both of you decided to do a shoot with me as Black Butler characters. Was this the first time you two have cosplayed with each other? 

Manik: No~

Pika: No, we have cosplayed together before.

Q: So how long have you two been cosplaying with each other?

Manik: We’ve really only cosplayed for less than a year. colonthree The Norcal Spring Gathering and Sac Anime Summer 2012

Pika: hmm, I wanna say for at least a couple of months. Our first time was I believe at the spring north cal gathering.

Q: Have you two cosplayed as any other characters together, and if so, what characters did you cosplay as?

Manik: We’ve really only done Ciel (Pika) and Lizzy (Me)

Pika: That’s a good question. I don’t actually think so. Ciel x Lizzy are the only ones we have done together. I’d love to do more characters with her though!

Q: So why did you both decide to cosplay as Black Butler characters? Any specific reason?

Manik: We both like the series and our respective characters.  And I was fairly insistent on the Campania arc, because I had initally found Lizzy annoying prior to the arc, but when certain aspects of her character were introduced, I had a deeper appreciation for her.

Pika: I don’t know why Manik started cosplaying black butler, but i normally cosplay from any series i’ve seen. I like Ciel a lot, and just being him is so much fun.

Q: How did you two end up cosplaying with each other? Did you meet at a previous convention, or were you friends to begin with?

Manik: We met at the Norcal Spring Gathering 2012 while cosplaying Lizzy (me) and Ciel (Pika), hung out and became friends

Pika: We met, I believe on fanime forums, she was talking about how she didn’t have a Ciel to her Lizzy, and I said that’d I’d love to be her Ciel. We debuted our couple cosplay at the spring north cal gathering.

Q: So when it comes to cosplaying with each other how do you both decide what characters you will go as?

Manik: We chose the characters we’d already cosplayed before, but changed the arc that they were from.  :3  I’m more comfortable with Lizzy than Ciel, since her personality is closer to mine and Pika makes a fabulous Ciel.

Pika: We’ve already established that i was her Ciel, and she was my Lizzy, because that is how we met.

Q: Are there any future cosplays that you two are deciding to do at any future conventions, and if so, what future conventions will we be able to see it at?

Manik: I believe we were talking about switching our cosplays (i.e. me as Ciel, and Pika as Lizzy), and somewhere down the road we’re doing the Circus Arc! Ciel and Dagger.  :3  And if I can talk Pika into joining me for Sengoku Basara, we might have Tsuruhime and Oichi (but if I do talk her into that, I’ll change this to Fuuma Kotaro instead ^_~).  Since these are all pretty tentative, I’m not sure what cons they’ll debut at.

Pika: We have been thinking of switching it up. Me being her lizzy, and she being my Ciel. And other different versions of the two. We should really talk about other anime’s too.

Q: Any advice that you two would give to anyone new who wants to cosplay with a friend or group?

Manik: Just have fun with it!  And with this particular shoot, don’t procrastinate your cosplays if you promised your friend you would make them.  : /  It’s not about the cosplay, it’s about the respect you have for your friend and the trust.  I’m at fault for this one, since I underestimated the time it would take to properly line and tailor the cosplays and let myself get distracted.  Even though things turned out well, there are a few things I’d have changed in the process of making these cosplays.

Pika: Go for it! It’s a lot more fun cosplaying together because you can derp around together and not be alone. It’s also nice to do it alone, and find others who are alone and make new friends :3

Great advice ladies, and Thank you for allowing me to do a photo shoot with both of you, and for you taking time out of your day to do this interview. If you would like to know more about these two wonderful cosplayers please check out my one on one interviews with them.

Manik Semiramis Interview:

Pika’s Interview:

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