Hot Import Nights San Mateo 2012 (Models edition)

Welcome to Hot Import Nights San Mateo 2012.

Hot Import Nights has final made it’s way back to the Bay Area this year, and I was glad to finally see it return. If you’re unfamiliar with Hot Import Nights or HIN, it’s an event held all around the US that helps showcase show cars, and models. Even tho the convention wasn’t ad big as it use to be it still had the same positive experience that I enjoyed when I first went to this convention. I would definitely come back again to this convention, and I would recommend anyone who enjoys cars to come and join this event next year.

This year HIN was also sponsored by IGN/IPL who where show casing the new Dead or Alive 5 game. This post will focus on the Models that I had the pleasure working with at HIN. Please be respectful to all models. Please keep any comments clean any vulgar comments will be removed. Thank you to all the models who allowed me to take photograph them.

As always if you notice a model you may know or see yourself in my photos, and you would like me to credit a site or add your name to the photo let me know. Also if you need a photo removed please let me know as well.

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