Anime Expo 2012 Day 0

Welcome to Anime Expo 2012!

Today I bring your photo coverage of the biggest Anime convention in North America, and that convention is none other than Anime Expo which is held in the LA Convention Center. This year was Anime Expo’s 21st year Anniversary of the convention, and also featured Danny Choo as this years Master of Ceremonies. If you don’t know Danny Choo is his most known for his websites and as well as his Television series Culture Japan which will be starting it’s third season. There were also many guest of honor this year such as Steve Blum which is known for the voice of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Cartoon Networks Tom from Toonami, and huge list of other well known character voices. LiSa was also a guest of honor at AX who is known for the singing voice of Yui in Angel Beats and the lead singer of  Girls Dead Monster. There were many other guest of honors at AX, and for a full list please visit this link:

I can keep rambling on about what was at the convention, but lets not do that. Instead I’ll show you it through the many pictures I took during the convention. So please enjoy my photo coverage of Anime Expo 2012. Sorry in advance for the cruddy shots on day zero I forgot my Tripod in my car during the opening ceremony.

Be sure to check out my coverage of the other 4 days.

Day 1-

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Day 3-

Day 4(final)-

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