AX 2012 Interview with Rachel A.K.A. Rachsaysmer

Name: Rachel A.K.A. Rachsaysmer

Location: California

Cosplay(s) worn at AX 2012: Gijinka Togepi, Skyward Sword Zelda, Anemone, Yoko and Mizore

Q: So when did you start cosplaying, and what was your first character you cosplayed as?

Rachel: I started cosplaying in 2006 as Edward Elric.

Q: What made you want to start cosplaying?

Rachel: I went to my first AX in 2005 and saw all these people dressed up in costumes and thought “I have some decent sewing skills and my hair is kind of like Ed’s so why not?” and took advantage of my sewing class during the school year and made the black jacket as my final project. IT kind of just took off from there.

Q: How long have you been cosplaying?

Rachel: This is my 7th year cosplaying.

Q: What do you enjoy most about cosplaying?

Rachel: I always love creating things so cosplaying is just another one of those outlets for me. As well as it allows me to talk to other people when I normally wouldn’t.

Q: If skills, and money weren’t an issue what would be your dream character to cosplay as? 

Rachel: Well I’m currently looking forward to making my Anemone plugsuit but having the funds to get the fabric I need is gonna cost me a good chunk of change which I don’t have. Other than that a few costumes for my friends like Tidus and some armored costumes which I’ve never done.

Q: Do you have any tips for people who want to start cosplaying?

Rachel: I would say always start with a character you love. You’re not gonna waste all this time and money on a character you don’t even care about. And thinking it has to be made entirely from scratch to be good is a lie. There’s nothing wrong with going to goodwill and finding some pants you could modify or whatnot. And start out easy. If it’s your first time creating clothes and stuff for yourself don’t assume you can pull off this dramatic multilayered ballgown of sorts. Ease your way into the hobby and build up to those more complex costumes. There’s also nothing wrong with buying a costume. If you really find yourself unable to make them yourself and you’re doing this for fun, buying it is totally okay. (Just don’t enter into contests for craftsmanship because that’s considered lying/cheating.)

Q: What character(s) can we look forward to seeing you cosplay as in the future?

Rachel:  I have no idea. For the most part I plan a costume and kind of start it right then and there if possible. The only one that I will do eventually is my Anemone plugsuit.

Q: If any fans wanted to see your costumes what future conventions will fans be able to see you at?

Rachel: I’ll be at SDCC next weekend and possibly hitting up ALA, PMX, & AM2. Kind of depends on funds.

Thank you for letting me interview you Rachel, and are there any last words that you would like to say the to the readers?

Rachel:  Don’t take cosplaying soooo seriously. In the end, we’re all just nerds in costumes showing our love for something.

Thanks again to Rachel for taking some time out of her day to do this interview. To see more of Rachel’s  cosplays, please stop by, and like her on Facebook at:

Some more photo’s of Rachel in her Yoko, and Mizore Cosplay

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