Wondercon 2012 Coverage

Since 1987 Wondercon has been in San Francisco, but for this year that changed due to renovations to it’s normal convention location. So this year it was held in Anaheim, Ca. Would this change hurt Wondercons attendance… or just make it more popular than it already was? Well from my experience in going this Friday, and being a attendee to Wondercon for the past 3 years I have to say that it had no negative effect on the attendance, and it seems like it may even produce a bigger attendance for next year whether it’s in Socal or Norcal.

So here’s some photos of the convention, and of the many cosplayers that have gathered at this years Wondercon 2012.

Welcome to Wondercon 2012

If you see yourself in any of these photo’s feel free to let me know, and I can add any URL’s to any sites/blogs you may be part of or own. Also if you want me to remove a picture that may contain you yourself in it feel free to contact me, and I will remove it ASAP. Also Please respect all cosplayers shown on this blog. Any negative comments will be removed.

Meet the first batch of cosplayers at the convention. These two were dressed as anthropomorphized version of none other than Princess Celestia, and one of her Pegasus Royal Guards.

Some League of Legends Cosplayers. on the left is Caitlyn and on the right is Ezreal.

Shadow Stormtrooper.

A pretty well known cosplayer Rosanna Rocha cosplaying as Starfire. You can follower her on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/Rosanna.Rocha.Cosplayer

Dr Doom and the Scarlet Witch.

Another picture of Dr Doom and the Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch with Captain America’s Shield.

Dr Doom with Captain America’s Shield.

Red Sonja.

R2Q5 and R2D2.



Another League of Legends Champion Jax, and not sure who the other man was dressed as.

Clone Scout Trooper.

This guy was really cool he was talking to me about how he made some of his steampunk outfits and hats.

Light Sabers for sale! to bad only a few of them were 50 bucks the rest were about 100-300+

Some Ghostbusters!

Some Gundam Model Kits.

I can’t remember who she was cosplaying as.

A Republican Trooper from SWTOR (Thanks again to Asteriskcgy for the updated info).

Kotobukiya’s carbonite display. Well… Sorta, guess it’s more plastic looking than carbonite…

Rogue from Marvel and Wonder Women from Dc Universe


Totally random dude dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Hulk Smash!

An Awesome display on top one of the booths of the Hulk.

A figure of one of the samurai’s in Sucker Punch. (Again thanks Asteriskcgy for the info).

Rebel fighter pilot helmet.

Darth Vader helmet.

A helmet from Battlestar Galactica.

Some of iconic pieces from the Avengers.

Thor’s hammer.

Captain America’s Mask.

Ironmans Helmet.

Thor’s Helmet.

A Rebel Pilot.

Battlestar Galactica Cosplayer and booth girl.

Luke Skywalkers Light Saber.

Another Steampunk Cosplayer.

Halo’s Master Chief.

Getting some art signed by Greg Horn. One really awesome artist.

Darth Maul from SWTOR. (Another thanks to Asteriskcgy for the info).

This booth girl helping to represent these comics.

She was dressed as Bella from Beauty and the Beast.

She did one fantastic drop on her outfit not to mention she kinda looks like Bella.

Fire(left) and Ice(right) from Justice League International. (Thank you keightee on the info about these two characters, and for letting me take a picture of you and your friends cosplay^^).

Guy Gardner just being his regular douchebag/cocky self.

Okay I talked him into doing a more pg13 pose for the kids.

Winry Rockbell from Full metal Alchemist. I must say this is a rarely seen cosplay for me, and she’s one of my favorite characters.

Uryū Ishida from Bleach. Also I loved how a random Ichigo was walking by and snuck in for the pose.

Halo female Spartan.

Black Cat from Marvel Comics.

Tusken raider!

Another shot of the Tusken raider.

Pinky Pie and Spike from My Little Pony anthropomorphized. You’re probably wondering how I know this. Well let’s not go any further into that.

Hawk Girl. She said her wings were made from pvc pipes and she just layered feathers onto it.

A huge scale replica of the Rx-0 Unicorn Gundam in destroy mode.

A very stylish and cute anthropomorphized Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.

Another pose of Rainbow Dash.

Can’t remember what this was from, but I took a picture of it anyways.

A another R2D2 looking droid.

Harley Quinn anyone?


Another Harley Quinn.

Zatanna from Dc Universe with Dr. Horrible (Thanks to Asteriskcgy for letting me know that the guy on the left is cosplaying as Dr. Horrible).

She looks Steampunkish but I could be wrong because she also had horns.

I can’t recall who this character is, but I remember seeing the character before.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Another shot of Harley and Ivy.

Another Steampunk costume maker. I may higher him in the future if I ever need any leather working done. You can visit their site here: Legendarycostumeworks.com

Some of the banners hanging from the wall.

Some Watchmen posters.

Steampunk dress. Another steampunk clothing designer.

More fuller view of her dress.

Clone trooper and a uhhhh… Dead Trooper or would it be a Stormmou5.

The only person saw dressed as Gambit from Marvel comics.

Not sure who they are, but mostly too lazy to look it up.

A really awesome artist named J. Scott Campbell. He was signing a calender that I bought and he also signed it inside on my Birthday.

Another shot of him.

Sometimes Green Lantern’s need some R&R.

A wild Ewok appears.

A Hawkgirl joins the scene.

A psychotic Abe Lincoln joins the fight! An epic battle is about to start. Who will win?

Her costume looks very familiar, but I can’t quite remember what it’s from. Tho it was very nicely done.

Another close up of her in a slightly different pose.

Some other Characters I don’t know the names of.

An Imperial guard from Star Wars. (Thanks to Asteriskcgy for the updated info).

Poison Ivy seemed to be a popular character to be.

Another version of Harley Quinn with an Arkham Asylum thug.

Harley Quinn by herself. Also another popular character to dress as.

Spider man.

Idk who or what she was dressed as, but that didn’t matter XD.

An Awesome Costume of a Predator.

Indiana Jones.

A close up shot of him.

Another guy dressed up as a Ghostbusters character.

His backpack was really well done I had to get a picture of it.

The Mad Hatter!

A statue of Superman from DC Universe.

Across was a statue of Batman also from the DC Universe.

The Riddler and Zatanna.

Furry anyone?

Is it me or did this Dharma guy seemed “Lost”… okay that was terrible… shutting up now.

Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda from of course Legend of Zelda.

An Assassin’s Creed Character.

Some more Ghostbusters.

Khal Drogo with Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones TV show. (Thanks to Keightee for letting me know who these two were cosplaying as).

I’m guessing he’s Kung Lao, but I don’t remember seeing Kung Lao wearing those types of cloths.

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!! Okay yea I know I had to do it, but they were pretty awesome.

Not quite sure who the girl on the left is suppose to be, but that Business suit Leonidas was to awesome, and with this I say “THIS IS WONDERCON”!

Thanks for checking out my Cosplay Coverage of Wondercon 2012 Anaheim, Ca.

4 thoughts on “Wondercon 2012 Coverage

  1. Hah I saw those Astromech droids. One is actually a stroller. Both were remote controlled which was cool.

    Think that’s a Scout Storm Trooper, not a clone trooper.

    That next Storm trooper is actually probably a Republican Trooper from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    Samurai Minigun is from the Sucker Punch movie.

    That helmetless Darth Vader is probably Darth Maul from SWTOR

    Zatanna’s partner there is probably Dr. Horrible.

    Red robe guy might be an Imperial Guard that stands by the emperor’s doors.

    • Thanks! I haven’t gotten in too deep into the Starwars series besides the movies, and even those I’ve only seen once or twice, but thanks for the info I’ll go ahead and update the info:). Lol and you’re totally right on the Dr. Horrible I can’ believe I didn’t catch thatXD.

  2. The girl with green bodysuit with flames and green hair is Fire (Me!) with Ice from Justice League International. The guy with blue painted stripes on his shoulders is Khal Drogo with Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones TV show, based on George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series.

    • Haha thanks I’m still unfamiliar with everyone in the DC universe, but thanks for the info on your characters you were cosplaying as, and thanks for letting me take a picture of you and your friend:). Now only if I listened to my friend to watch Game of Thrones when he said to I probably would of known who they wereXD. So thanks again to you for letting me know who they were cosplaying as.

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