Some art I’ve done over the past month.

Just some art I’ve done during my Summer break. You can see my older work at

I've always wanted to do a Fan art piece of something from the Black Rock Shooter series, and I was finally able to get the time to get one done. Of course it's none other than Dead Master herself. She is one of my two Favorite Characters the other being Strength. I think it turned out pretty well. Tho I do have some mistakes here and there but I can live with them. I tried to give it the BRS feel with the gritty type layer texture over it, and I think it worked out okay.

A Strike Witches Fan art of Miyafuji Yoshika and Sanya V. Lityvak fighting some Neuroi.

Jade from Mortal Kombat 9

One of my many D&D Characters. She had the most interesting campaign so I decided to draw her. This is pretty much her armor less look.

My main character to my story Project Mech-HI. her name is Kira Ayako Emerson. You can check out a full bio here

A quick picture I drew out of Kira in a bad situation. She was ambushed by a thug name Barrage. She managed to find some cover, but was wounded in the process.

Another character from my story. Her name is Mia Cortez and she is part of the Cathen City S.T.F. (Special Tactical Force).

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