Chara-Ani’s 1/8 HOTD Miyamoto Rei Review.


Hey everyone and welcome to another installment of Reno’s Figure reviews and today I bring you another re-release of Chara-ani 1/8 figure of Miyamoto Rei from the High School of the Dead series.

Again I'll be using my 20inx20inx20in photo box to give you an idea of the size of the box the figure comes in. As you can see it's fairly small and will fit most SAL shipping requirements if your looking to save some money on shipping.

The box is pretty much all black with some red here and there as well as a few pictures of Rei and the figure all around it as well as other figures from the series.

So here we have the figure straight out of the box and I have to say I am fairly impressed with Chara-ani again with this figure, and I feel they captured Rei fairly well in this figure.

So moving onto the details of her face I gotta say Chara-ani has done pretty good job on the face especially the eyes. Tho the mouth on this figure does somewhat suffer from what I like to call angle-itus which means in some angles it looks great but in other angles it may look a bit odd. Also I would like to mention that the front bangs on this figure were sculpted perfectly.

Now as for the back of the hair I have to say that the details that were put into the hair have really paid off as it shows a great amount of movement throughout the hair and it flows very nicely with the figures pose. The figure does have the side seam lines in the hair, but her side hair bangs help make it look like it's part of the hair style rather than being a seam line.

As for the front of the clothing I have no complaints there as the details and colors are spot on with her anime counter part, and also includes wrinkles in the clothing and also has a nice flowing effect on the bottom of the blazer.

Now the skirt is one of my favorite parts of this figure as it shows a great deal of movement through it and if you haven't notice yet I love figures that portray a lot of movement in the figure because they tend to stand out more than figures in stand still poses with static clothing. The stockings are in a dark greenish color and do have the occasional holes here and there revealing some skin. Also the shoes actually have quite a bit of detailing in them, and they are completely white, but I believe thats how they were in the series anyways so no complaints there.

As for her back side her clothing is just as well done as it was in the front just a little bit more revealing.

So here we have the base. As you can see it is pretty plain compared to Chara-ani's Seako figure. The figure also just lays on top of the base and doesn't attach to the base by any pegs.

Ok so moving onto the accessories they're aren't as many as the Saeko figure but she does come with one huge accessory, and if you still haven't found it yet... its the baton.

So I'll start off with the small accessory first and that would be the retractable police baton. It's small, but it is still pretty detailed and has some shading in between the retractable sections.

Now moving onto the next and final accessory tho it consist of two accessories I'll count it as one for now, and that piece would be more revealing option that you can pose this figure with and thats the fully nude top half for Rei which also includes her white bra perched on top of her chest along with a pink ribbon in the center. The bra itself also includes a nice amount of details on it. As for the body it's really nicely sculpted to really show off Rei's body definition, and one thing Chara-ani decided to add to this figure is squishy Oppai or breast. The material used for her Oppai made of a soft rubbery material.

My figure actually came with a small flaw and I'm not sure if all figures are like this or if it was just mine. As you can see mine has some excess rubber from the molding that wasn't clipped off as well as the small gap between where the two different materials join together.

Tho they added the soft Oppai on the extra body that Rei comes with I actually have another complaint and that is what you see in the picture. That is the indent left there from Rei's weapon is quite unsightly if you were to pose the figure without her weapon. I kind of wish that they would of not packed the weapon attached to the figure and let the figure collector decide whether or not they want the indent to develop overtime when the figure is posed with her weapon.

Also now that the skirt has been removed you can now get a full view of her Pantsu which is in a white color along with two twin pink ribbons. Also the lining on top of her pantsu also allows the seamline to be hidden from where the torso and lower body connect.

As for her back it's pretty much the same just more revealed this time around.

You can also remove the skirt from the other body and place it onto the nude body if you feel like posing the figure this way.

So overall I have to say so far I've been fairly impressed with Chara-ani's HOTD's figure line, and Rei's figure has made me want to keep a closer eye on future figures that they release of some of my favorite characters. This figure has a few complaints here, and there from me and I love the accessories that they added because it allows you to pose the figure in different ways. So this figure is a definite must buy for any HOTD fan or if you just like how the figure looks.

Pose: 9

Details: 7.5

Price: 7.5

Character representation: 9

Accessories: 8

Overall: 8.4

As of 3/28/11 you can still purchase this figure at: for 80.57 USD. for 85.52

Currently Play-Asia, hobby search  and Otacute is sold out of this figure.

Also some added photo’s of different ways you can pose this figure.

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