Chara-Ani’s 1/8 HOTD Busujima Saeko Review.


Hey everyone! If some of you followed my blog before you know that I pretty much did video reviews but I am now moving onto Figure photo reviews. So the first figure I decided to start my photo reviews with is the Re-release of Chara-ani’s 1/8 scale figure of Saeko Busujima from the manga and anime known as High School of the Dead. Now many of you maybe wondering who is this company Chara-ani? Well this company may not be as well known as some companies like Good Smile company, Alter Mega House or many others but they do infact make Figures once in a while aside from their usual anime related accessories, dvd limited edition releases as well as some Dakimakura covers (hugging pillow covers) amongst other things. Anyways now that you know a little bit more about the company lets finally get moving onto this review.

So the figure comes in a fairly large box to accomidate all the accessories for this figure, so expect to pay quite a bit for EMS if you decide to take that route for shipping. I also decided to use my photo box which is 20x20x20 to compare the size of the box as you can see it's fairly large.

The box is pretty much all black and decorated with pictures of the figure as well as other figures from this same series.

So this is how the figure comes in stock in the box with no accessories on her. As you can see she is wearing one of Saeko's more Sexy outfits that she was wearing in the series which basicly consist of a French maid style apron a black bikini as well as her school shoes and a pair of knives strapped to her arms. Now the figures pose is in a partially turned looking back type pose. I have to say the pose was pretty nicely captured in this figure tho I do wish they implemented more movement in the hair because to me that would of added a little bit more to this figure and would make it stand out a lot more, but the way it is now is still fine with me.

Alright so time for a close up on the details of this figure. I'll start off with the face first. The face seems to be pretty well contructed and I do like the detailing of the eyes I think that Chara-ani did a fanastic job on her eyes tho it maybe a bit hard to see it in the photo because of Saeko's long hair bangs.

Moving onto the hair I know I already stated that I wish this figure had a little bit more movement but now I want to talk about the details of the hair. Now her hair is up in a ponytail style with a white hair band at the top and she also has two long hair strands in the front. The hair also does feature quite a bit of hair partings here and there to give the effect of layers within in the hair which to me I love when figures do this as it adds more to figure rather than having it seem flat and dule like some figures tend to do. Also on the back of her head you can see that they added a few small strands hanging off the back of her head which is something that they didn't need to do but i'm glad they did it, Now my only complaint would be the hair seamline that is notorious on many figures we see. some figures blend it in nicely and some try to blend it in and this one tries to blend it in but it is still somewhat noticeable.

Lets move onto the clothing of this figure or at least what little clothing that his figure has. As I stated early she is wearing a white French Maid style Apron with frills lining the edges of the Apron. Now the Apron does consist of many nicely placed wrinkles throughout the apron which shows Saeko's body definition very nicely, and as well accurately portraying where clothing would winkle at when pulled around the body as well as the thicker folds that a formed when the looser parts of the clothing that are flowing with the movement of the pose. As for the back the frills do continue onto the back and form a cross on the back and connect to the side straps and side straps meet on the back which form into a tie.

As for the knives straped to her arms they may not looked to detailed but surprisingly they are and the sheaths contain small indents along the edges to represent stitches on the sheath and also serve the purpose of hiding the seemlines that are created by the changeable arms gimic. The straps as well as the knife sheath is mostly colored black and includes a silver buckle.

Now the bikni is all black and consist of some small designs in the front as well as folds on the front and back and also includes two ties on each side.

And of course we can't forget about the base that comes with this figure which definitely does stand out more than you average figure bases. The figure base is actually screwed onto the bottom of the feet and it can be removed but will require a small Phillips head screwdriver. The design of the base features a concrete style design with a manhole cover which is in a rusty brownish color and consist of your standard manhole cover designs. Also on the base we have a small post sticking out of the ground which consist of a black color and minimal details on it, and right next to it on the ground we have a small white electrical wiring cover. Now I do wish more colors could of been added to the base like some darker spots within the cracks of the concret or maybe some airbrushed rust or darkening on the manhole cover but the way it is now still looks great because they didn't need to add this and could of just went with your basic flat round base.

Okay so of course one of the main features of this figure is the cast-offable clothing which can be unfastened by a simple peg on the right side strap of the Apron.

Alright so here we have the figure without her apron. Quite a bit of sculpting was done on her body and showing off Seako's defined stomach. Now as for her breast I will admit they are sculpted nicely (okay.. that made me sound weird, but hey! They are). Now one thing I wish they would of done with the figures body as well as her chest is add some airbrushing for shadows as well as maybe having the areola colored on her breast but those are pretty minor details and the way I pose this figure it wouldn't be seen as much anyways. Now as for the other details on the figure you can also notice the sculpting done for her colar bone and neck muscles. Also the figure does have some seemlines on the sides of the body but they really aren't that noticable and are blended nicely into the body.

I decided to remove her head in the picture on the left so you can get a better look at her back. now I really do like the fact that they sculpted her back nicely and you can see her muscle definition. Which is another great detail I that I can appreciate when a figure sculptor adds such detail to a figure.

Alright so now lets move onto the accessories that this figure comes with.

First up we have Saeko's Bokken or Wooden sword that she has at the beginning of the series. Now it's pretty plain in looks but thats pretty typical with this wooden sword style. It's pretty much a tanish color but does have some airbrushing with a darker brown at the tip but to me the way they applied it seems a bit lazy and doesn't really pull off the effect of it being shaded.

Next we have her katana that she acquires later on in the series, and it comes unsheathed and they also include the sheath with the figure but sadly the katana cannot be sheathed into the sheath. Tho both are very nicely detaily and look fairly much like their anime counter part, but I do have one small problem with the katana and the sheath and that is that the the katana would never be able to be sheathed, as the sheaths scale is slighly off compared to the actual katana and as well as it does not follow the curvature of the katana, but that is pretty much a small flaw in this figure and it doesn't effect the figure in any negative way because you won't spot it unless you're looking for flaws.

Up next we have a black semi transparent tank top for Saeko which is suppose to give off the effect of her shirt being wet. It's also detailed with folds and wrinkles throughout the tank top as well and it's made out of a stretchy rubbery material to allow it to be put over the figure without too much difficulty since it doesn't split in half like your average cast-offable type clothing.

and last but not least we have and extra pair of arms which are posed in a bent position this time around. and these also contain open hands that can effectively hold the katana and sheath or her katana and bokken.

Here is the figure with the tanktop on as well as the bent arms fixed onto the figure along with her katana and sheath.

Overall I have to say that Chara-ani did a pretty good job on this figure, and they did seem to capture her very well in this figure. As far as the accessories go I only have a small amount of complaints, but overall they're still great to have since it adds more choices for you to pose the figure so you won't get to bored of the figure overtime. Tho there are a few minor flaws here and there on the figure she is still worth the money I picked this figure up for, and being one of the few figures that have been released of any of the Highschool of the dead figures I have to say she's turned out to be the best HOTD figure of Saeko I've seen so far. Anyways thanks for checking out my first photo figure review and I'll cya on my next review.

Pose: 8

Details: 7.5

Price: 7.5

Character representation: 9

Accessories: 8

Overall: 8.1

You can still purchase this figure at:

(As of 3/24/11 all 4 of my online figure stores has sold out of this figure you may still find them in other online sites or auction sites such as Ebay, yahoo auction japan or mandarake. I will update this post if I find a location that still sells her).

Amiami, Hobby Search, play-asia and Otacute are currently sold out of this figure.

Bellow are a few different ideas of how you can pose this figure.

8 thoughts on “Chara-Ani’s 1/8 HOTD Busujima Saeko Review.

    • Thanks:)! Yea I missed the first release way back in 2009 so I couldn’t miss the re-release^_^. Hope you receive yours soon it’s definitely a nice figure.

  1. After reading ur review, i finally made up my mind to get her today. Surprisingly i couldn’t find many reviews of her, i could find reviews of the first release but not the re-release.
    My fig seems to have more minor paint glitches than urs, kinda sad. And they were in the more visible areas. There are some areas of uneven on the hair, one in the front and one by the side. And there’s a small black dot or paint on her left breast, in an area not covered by the apron =(
    Any ideas how to remove it? Tried rubbing but didn’t work, thought of using thinner but im scared of the paint being stripped off =((

    • I’m glad to hear that my review may have helped you make a decision on buying this figure, but sad to hear that you were one of the lucky few that received a figure that some how got passed quality control with paint issues. I’ve gotten a few figures in my collection like that and honestly the only figures that I’ve ever used paint tinner on to remove spots or paint smudges were my Nendoroids or my Figma figures. I’ve never tried to remove them off my pvc figures as I was always scared that if I accidentally used to much I could make the problem worse and take off more paint than I would of wanted. I suppose all I can recommend you is to google up on how to remove these type of paint issues.

  2. Hello! Very nice site and review.

    My Saeko came today and the only place I could find one were in eBay ($$$). I believe that my figure is from the 1st release as it doesn’t came with the black shirt (a partially removed apron, though) or the color base (a poor black one, same as Saya’s figure).

    I’m really pissed off with the difference in the bases. Marikawa have the only wooden (and color) one and when the four characters are together it really stand out. I’m thinking in a common base to all… when I got some time. ^^ meh.

    Also, I really hate Saeko’s shoes. That ‘support’ in her right feet was a very poor solution they made.

    • Thanks:). Yea I didn’t think she would sell out so fast again, but literary minutes after I posted my review with the links I had to change the links to sold out because they sold out so fast. I hope you at least got a decent deal on her on ebay I know how that place can be and it’s usually my last resort. Yup, your figure is the first release they didn’t start making the newer bases till the re release, and when they made the Shizuka Marikawa figure with the exception of Rei she still was re-released with a black base.

      Yeah I know what your mean when you got figures from the same series and all their bases are different looking.

      I’ll have to agree with you on that they could of did something a little more less noticeable than a big grey piece coming out of the ground, but hey what can you expect Chara-Ani hasn’t been making many figures like Alter, GSC, MegaHouse, etc… Maybe they will improve more in the future.

  3. great review…but i’m confuse bout this figure…mind explain to me, how come my 1 doesn’t have that black tank top and the base? series? exclusive? she is my 1st pvc btw…^^

    • I believe the first release of this figure didn’t come with the black tank top and it just came with a black base. So your figure is most likely the first release while the one I reviewed was the reissued version. Oh and grats on your first pvc:)

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