Time for a reboot on my reviews.

So I’ve kinda been not doing any reviews lately and by lately I mean 6months. I have been meaning to do more reviews but with the way things have been going on lately with school, work and real life in general I’ve been to busy to make any new video’s… or to be honest I was mostly just lazy and partially addicted to black ops and dc universe online on my free time.

But now I feel like I got more time now to start redoing my reviews but I think I’m going to take a different approach this time with my reviews and start doing more picture reviews rather than Video reviews. Judging from some feedback people tend to like picture reviews better because they can get a better look at the figure that way rather than having my hands blocking it half the time on a video review. I will maybe do a video review once in a while but my main Focus will be just picture reviews which I will of course post on here.

Also doing this will open up more figures to review as I will be able to start reviewing pvc figures because lets face it I did a video review of a pvc it wouldn’t do the figure as much justice as if you saw crisp quality pictures of a pvc figure in many different angles. Also figure sites sometimes don’t show as many pictures sometimes of figures people may want. So hopefully doing this will change someone’s opinion on a pvc figure on whether to buy it or not. I’ll most likely start posting review on here within this week if not after my Birthday next week.

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