High School of the Dead WIP Fanart

So lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of other peoples art lately as well as watching a bunch of anime and reading manga that I got a pretty inspired to start drawing again recently and me being the zombie nut that I am I ended up sketching up some H.O.T.D fan art of all the characters in a pretty bad situation. Its been a while since I really have drawn anything serious so I’m a bit rusty but tell me what you guys think so far and maybe some ideas on a background.

I added a pink bg so the line art will stick out for now.

I love melee/makeshift weapons so thats what I gave them most of their beginning weapons that they had at the start except for Takagi didn’t know what to give her so I decided to give her a chain saw.

Oh and Hirano is a bit light on his line art because i was a noob and left a low opacity on my brush so hopefully you can see him.

some of my other art. http://reno317.deviantart.com/

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