A huge haul of loots for July

Whew so this is probably one of my largest hauls ever and probably the biggest I’ve every acquired in one month. With the 50% off shipping at Hobbysearch and a lot of great deals on figures people were selling on here I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff. So heres what I Acquired.

Trying to balance this on my table wasn't easy.

Ebcraft 1/6 Saber, 1/8 Alter Yui, 1/8 Alter Yoshika, and 1/6 Kaitendo to heart2 Tamaki.

Robot Damashii Reborn, Bandai Lancelot Albion Vers. Ka, Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam Saga

Culture Festival Nendoroid set A&B, Nendoroid Azusa, Figma Saber Alter

My new Samsung Impression, and a Light up Rotating base for my figure reviews which can hold up to 9lbs before the disc safety mechanism kicks in and stops the disc from rotating.

Finally found a Mizori Oppai mouse pad for MSRP.

And now for some pictures of the figures I acquired.

New Samsung Impression on the Left it may not be a fancy as the Iphone 4 or a Droid but it's a hell of a lot better than my older phone on the right.

4 thoughts on “A huge haul of loots for July

  1. Awesome loot, looks fun. ^ ^

    I’d like to see a review of Culture Festival Nendoroid set A&B, Robot Damashii Reborn, Bandai Lancelot Albion Vers. Ka, and Robot Damashii Cherudim Gundam Saga. In no particular order.

    Also I just noticed your creative placement of your watermarks. Not obstructive at all! ^ ^

    • Thanks:).

      I am planning to do a review on the culture review but it’s in the middle of my figures to reviews que but i can move it up on the que if you want to know about it. As for the Vers. Ka I believe Actar will be handling that one and he will have his review of it out soon.

      Now for the Robot Damashii Gundam Saga and Reborn those are going to be in my up coming reviews project where I’ll be reviewing about 90% of the Robot Damashii Gundam 00 line and I’ll be reviewing them around Augusts/Sept. I only say 90% because I won’t be reviewing the alter vers of the Robot Damashii gundam 00 Figures or the Regnant gundam as that was a really rare exclusive that cost 250+ dollars which I would’t pay that much for it.

      I’ll probably start off with exia, and then do the the second versions of their gundams like Cherudim, Arios, Gundam 00 and Seravee. I’m skipping out on all the other gundams first models since the MSIA line that made them did a poor job on them. Then after that I’ll most likely move onto Reborn, Flag, Susanawo etc.

      Heh sorry if this is a bit long thought you might be interested knowing the order I was going to review them all in. Oh and Thanks ^^ I didn’t want to obstruct any major details:).

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