The Contest Begins Good Luck to all. Questions inside.

Alright everyone time for the contest to start! Good Luck to all of those that enter!
Do not post answers on this questions post.
Please post your answers as a comment on my blog post that says “Post Contest Answers Here”
If you know the rules and you already qualified than please feel free to skip to the bottom of this post for the Questions.
Before you continue reading on “this contest will only be to those who live inside of the U.S.” (Sorry to those who live outside of the U.S.)
Prizes will be:

First place will get: Figma Tsumugi Kotobuki Brand new & a DI: Stage(black)


Second Place will get: DI: Stage(black)

Third and over may have a chance at being bumped up in position “if” first/second fail to claim prizes within 24hrs.
(All shipping & Handling charges will be included with the prize of course^_^ and will ship as priotiy mail).
and here is what you have to do in order to qualify for my contest:
Qaulifications to enter the contest:
*Must be a US Residence (sorry to those who live outside of the US).
*You must subscribe to at least one of my sites ( you don’t have to subscribe to all of them but feel free to if you want to) It’s not to late to qualify! just subscribe to one of these sites before entering.
or a follower on my twitter(
or a subscriber to my blog(
(please provide your user name as well as which one of my sites you subscribed to when you submit your answer. This make it easier to varify if you have subscribed to one of my sites as well as make it easier for me to contact you if you win).
The people who win will be notified by personal message on either of the three sites you decide to subscribe to. You will have 24hours to claim your prize with a name/address that I can mail your prize to.
*Failure to respond within the 24 hours will result in the second place winner(if there is one) to become the first place winner and anyone who was in third to receive the 2nd place price. (This will process will continue till all prizes have been claimed or I run out of contestants to give the prizes to).
First to answer as many correctly wins the first place prize. As well as second place will win the second place prize. (Time stamps will help me determine who posted the answers correctly first as well as second).
The contest will go on till the 23rd of July 2010 or end sooner if I recieve winners or if all prizes are claimed before then.
So Happy Hunting guys.
All answers to all questions can be found within my Blog at:
(My blog should be easy to navigate through with the side menu)
Alright so here are the questions
1. What date was my first Video Review Uploaded and what figure was it?
2. What is my real first name that I haven’t gone by for over 17 years?
3. What was the brand name of my new laptop that I bought to replace my old one?
4. What other types of figures do I collect besides anime type figures.
5. what is the segment called on my youtube Channel that is dedicated to k-on figure reviews.
6 What is my most prized figure that I own?
7. What Sport did I play in Highschool?
8. How many Figma Video Reviews have I currently made?
9. What were the names of the two Coventions that I went to this year?
10. In the month of March name at least two out of four 1/100 master grade gundams that I purchased.

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