Loot I got at Fanime.

Here is the loot I acquired at Fanimecon 2010. Couldn’t find everything I wanted but I came out with a decent haul of stuff.

Some posters I got of some of my favorite characters and shirt.

Other half of the posters I got.

Some figures. I got Nendoroid Yui for a friend Tsumugi for myself as well as the Alpha Omega Hiyori and Neliel Figure.

Always wanted this wall scroll and was glad to see it there this time.

Another wall scroll I got. I never really liked this anime as much but I loved the Illustration done on it.

Close up of the Neliel Figure. I'll do a short written review of this figure when I get a chance

Close up of the Hiyori Figure. I'll also do a short written review of this when I get the chance.

4 thoughts on “Loot I got at Fanime.

    • Heh heh you know funny thing is I never really liked Nendoroids before but when I bought my first one I got hooked now I can’t stop buying them lol and these being k-on nendoroids made it even harder to resist buying them>_<.

  1. I like Neliel and Hiyori. They look like really nice sculpts. Can’t wait to see future reviews and close-ups! 🙂 The Gunslinger Girl scroll is really nice too. Now I am really jealous I did not get to go.

    • Yea they are definitely a lot better looking in person and I was pretty impressed as well in the scuplts. I’ll most likely do the review sometime next week because I’m working on a few other reviews atm. Yea the Gunslinger scroll was to hard to pass up so I had to get it^^.

      Yea I’ve been hearing that not a lot of people weren’t able to make it but it’s good to know that they will always have it next year and there’s always Sac anime in fall^_^ or AX next month in Socal.

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