My Day at Fanimecon 2010

For those who don’t know Fanimecon is a anime convention held in San Jose California once a year. I was lucky enough to get one day off for this event tho I wish I was able to go at least 2days because one day just seemed to not be as satisfying as I would of thought and for the fact I missed FLOW 😦 because they didn’t start the concert till pretty late and the friends I went with wanted to leave early because they work earlier than I had to the next day. But nonetheless it was still a great experience and I had a lot more fun this year at Fanimecon than I did last year.

Anyways here are some photos I took at the convention. Oh and feel free to correct me on any cosplayers I might have mistaken as other characters or if I don’t know which series the cosplay is from. Oh and if you are one of the people in the pictures please let me know or  if you  want a picture of yourself removed I will do it asap upon request. Anyways Enjoy^^.

The San Jose Convention center that Fanimecon is held at.

After waiting for an hour or so I was finally able to get my badge.

Dhalsim from Street Fighter

Some girls cosplaying as Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi.

Coach, Nick, Ellis from Left for Dead 2 getting ready to take out a zombie.

Dante from Devil May Cry and a red team Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

Tetris anyone?

A nurse from the Silent Hill game. This girl was pretty dedicated to her costume as she was pretty much walking like that throughout the whole convention.

I don't know who she was cosplaying as but she was really pretty lol if you know who she is cosplaying as feel free to tell me.

Close up of her.

Red team Sniper from Team Fortress 2.

Shana from the series Shakugan no Shana.

Ichigo from Bleach with his Hallow Mask

I don't recognize who this is so if you might know feel free to tell me but the costume was awesome nonetheless.

Don't know who they were dressed but the one on the left looks like a Gothic Lolita and the other maybe Alice from Alice and Wonderland?

A good friend of mine from High school dressed as Scorpion. His costume was self crafted and very well done. Surprisingly I was able to know who he was under that mask lol.

Don't know who they were cosplaying as but they did a great job on their costumes.

Auron from Final Fantasy 10

Don't know who the girl on the left is dress as but her costume was pretty good but as for the guy on the right he is dressed as Ulquiorra from Bleach.

The Prince from Prince of Persia.

An Ewok from Star wars.

This guys armor was very well crafted out of leather I believe he said his costume wasn't from anything specific.

The wall of figures!

Some Final Fantasy Play Arts Figures.

Jiraiya one of the three Legendary Sannin from Naruto.

On the Left Louis from Left for dead and on the right is Akuma from Street Fighter

Some Nendoroids!!

A figure of Mio Akiyama from K-on manufactured by Alter

A Figure of Kallen from Code Geass manufactured by Banpresto

More figures

A figure of Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami in their Pilot seats.

Some Gurren Lagann Illustration books.

Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night.

A bunch of Vocaloid characters assembled at the front for one huge picture.

Another shot of the Vocaloid characters. I have to say I was surprise to actually fit them all in there while trying to fight for a good spot to take the picture.

Don't know who they are dressed as but great costumes nonetheless.

Not sure who the girl on the left is but the guy on the right is dressed as Kakashi from Naruto.

I believe this is from Assasins creed I could be wrong since its been a while since i played part one and I never played part two.

A red team member scout. Hmmmm seems a lot more people like red team.

Haruko Haruhara on the left and Commander Amarao both from Fooly Cooly also known as FLCL

The guy on the left looks like he's playing Zack from Final Fantasy 7/Crisis and the Girl on the Left is Cosplaying as Aerith Gainsborough also from Final Fantasy 7/Crisis

Mio Akiyama from the series K-on

All four of the K-on Girls dressed in the ending credits clothing of the first season. Left to Right : Yui hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, and Tsumugi Kotobuki.

One of my favorites lol the guy on the ground is of course if cosplaying as Alan Garner from the Hangover movie as for the other guy on the right I have no clue who he is dress as.

Lulu from Final Fantasy 10. Her costume was really well made I can imagine the belt skirt must of taken forever to make.

A pretty awesome cosplay of Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

I can't recall who the guy on the left is but the one on the right is cosplaying as a Anbu member from Naruto

A bunch of guys playing Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

A girl playing Raiden from Metal Gear Solid

Ric Meyers talking with a bunch of Street Fighter Cosplayers.

And this concludes my day at Fanimecon 2010 San Jose California. Thanks for stopping at my blog and checking out my pictures of this awesome convention.

3 thoughts on “My Day at Fanimecon 2010

    • Awww that sucks you should definitely go next year^^ and there’s always Sacanime in aug or sept I forget it’s a pretty big convention as well. I’ll be going to that one for sure^^.

  1. The man with the rabbit mask in the picture 7th from the bottom looks like he is dressed up as a Rabbit Mask Splicer from Bioshock.

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