Mopib Yoshika Miyafuji Figure Review

Hey everyone sorry for not releasing any reviews for a while but I’ve been busy with School and work but  today I finally bring you the next anime series to be mobiptized and that of course being the Strike Witches series and in my opinion Mobip has seem to of stepped up on the quality and details of their figures.
Anyways without further ado here is there review.

I'll save you!!

I've spotted a Neuroi!

Out for a test flight

Meeeoooow... I mean ruff ruff

Full shot of the Figure

Defense shield up!!

The last pic was a test to see if I can use the base as part of the picture to get a feel of the magic circle being formed in front of Yoshika. I took so many shots of this trying to get it to work and this is the best I was able to get.

4 thoughts on “Mopib Yoshika Miyafuji Figure Review

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH……………………Want her so bad, but she’s so expensive…IDK if I should wait for a cheaper one or buy the Figma one :S

    • Yeah I was actually surprised how fast she sold out being a mobip figure because I know a lot of people didn’t really like the previous 6 figures they released as much because the quality wasn’t as good as figma. But they definitely did a good job on this one and it’s pretty close to figma quality. Yeah I can imagine that she is pretty hard to find now so the price most likely went up a few bucks but good luck on which ever version you decide to purchase^_^.

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