Robot Damashii Galahad Review

Hey everyone. Today I bring you the Code Geass Model Works Exclusive Robot Damashii Galahad Video figure review. Now this figure as stated was a Japan resident exclusive only so pretty much you were only really able to put in a order for this figure if you live in Japan but of course we have other ways of getting such figures like this one through proxy services or you can now purchase them on ebay for a some what higher price than it’s original retail price.

Also as I stated in my last video I’ll be trying out different intro ideas so tell me what you think of the new intro that I made for this figure.

So without further ado here is the review:

Here are a few shots of the figure that I took as well. I’m still pretty new at taking photos of my figures so any criticism would be appreciated to help me improve my photography skills.

7 thoughts on “Robot Damashii Galahad Review

    • Last day of the Sakura matsuri. Wondering if you’re going. I might go, but I am trying to see if anyone is willing to pay for my bart fare.

      • Sorry I 4got to respond I was out a lot the past few days. but yea I asked my friends about wanting to go but they didn’t want to travel down there nor spend the cash for a bart ticket since one cost about 13 bucks from the spot we have to come from.

        but if you ever find out how to get your ticket to fanime let me know. I might try to see who on DC/ is going to it so we can have a meet up there.

      • My bart ticket costs $6. ^ ^;

        I doubt I can go. $100 wasted right there. If I can’t go then I probably won’t ever sign up again. What do you do at conventions anyways? All I can think of is buy stuff.

        And since I hate cosplays, I’d have to blindfold myself. 😛

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