Some Wondercon/April Loot and my new Laptop.

So we just had Wondercon 2010 down in northern California this weekend and I was able to acquire some loot there. I also picked up an Asus G60 for my new Laptop as well a few days ago before the convention because my last one crashed=/.

Didn’t expect to actually buy some anime figures at Wondercon since it’s mostly known for comic books etc.

Since my last computer decided to crash last week I had to go get another one and decided to get one that was a good gaming laptop since I play a lot of pc games and I also needed a better computer to help render my art as well as my figure review videos.

I was able to find a Shunya Yamashita figure there for 50bucks no tax so I had to get it.

She’s a very nicely detailed figure and I have to say she might have to be one of my favorite PVC figures I have out of the few I do own since I tend to go for posable figures vs. static ones.

Always wanted a Gurren Lagann figure but I was hoping Robot Tamashii would release their version one of these days. So I finally caved in and got the revoltech version since it was for a really cheap price.

And Last I picked up a Nendoroid Mio which I really didn’t think I would find her there but I did and it was actually on the way out of the convention and I was able to knock the price down to 35 even with no tax.

My new Laptop which I love so much. Hmmmm can you guess what my next review is that I’m currently editing^_^.

Wider shot of how my desktop looks.

and of course a overhead shot of my workspace. I also use this desktop to work on Gunpla and my art so if you look close it’s a bit scratched up and stained with gundam marker/paint

8 thoughts on “Some Wondercon/April Loot and my new Laptop.

  1. Nice set-up! WonderCon was great wasn’t it? I don’t have too many manga/anime figures since they are SO expensive, but I am getting my collection going. There were a few places with really good prices, but I had so much I wanted to get, I had to limit my choices across the toy world. I was originally a comic collector, so WonderCon was good for me, but as I have moved away from the comics and into the toys, thankfully so did WonderCon.

    • Yea it was pretty awesome since I couldn’t go to comic-con this year Wondercon definitely filled that void of missing Comic-con. Yea I started off really slow when I started collecting figures but now that I have a pretty good paying job it definitely helps. Thats cool tho that your starting a collection^ ^.

      Haha I know what you mean so many things to choose from but yea it usually comes down to which do you want the most or in rare cases something that wasn’t to high on your to buy list but you some how find it for 50% off retail.

      Thats pretty cool yea I not a huge comic book person but the 3 friends I went with were so I tagged along to see how it was and even tho I wasn’t a big comic book person it definitely was a lot of fun.

  2. What! you had a desktop as well =_=
    how come you had to use your friends computer when you had the desktop?

    anyway nice looking acer laptop =D
    black is great choice!
    nice look as well… i need to start saving -_-
    i see k-on mousepad!

    • Sadly no… I guess I should of name is Laptop setup lol but it’s just where I have my laptop and my 2nd monitor setup at.

      Yea I always like black colored computers but the only problem is that you tend to see a lot of dust/fingerprints easier on it.

      Haha yea I’ve had that mousepad for a while it’s starting to peel so I may have to get a new one soon.

      • Thanks^ ^. Yup it’s an Intous 4 I use to draw a lot last year but lately I’ve been to busy to do any art>_< but hopefully I can get back into it soon.

    • Sadly I was not able to get the day off:( but hopefully you guys had fun meeting up today. I wish I could of gone but by the time I got out of work it was 6pm already and I figured it would be to late to even go. Anyways Look forward to seeing any pictures if you guys took any.

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