So tired… just got back from Wondercon 2010

So today was a pretty big day I actually just came back from wondercon 2010 which is held in San Fransico’s Moscone Center South. If you don’t know what wondercon is it’s pretty much a comic book convention and is a much smaller version of the well known Comic-con which that one is held in the southern part of California.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of comic books nor do I read them as much as I read Manga’s but I do appreciate all the art illustration  that were there. Plus I got to hang out with some of my good friends who are huge comic book fans and meet some really cool artist.

Anyways I’m  pretty tired from it so I’ll be editing the hrs of video footage from the convention as well as all the pictures I took so I’ll have them up sometime this week. It’s going to be  a pain to edit about 3 hrs of random footage and commentating I did while I was videoing into a 10min youtube video >_< so it might end up in two parts. Anyways keep a look out for my updates of my time at Wondercon sometime this week.

I’m so looking forward to Fanimecon next month!

9 thoughts on “So tired… just got back from Wondercon 2010

  1. will look forward to those videos then.
    ^^ havent been in a convention…well only one which was back when i was visiting japan, the project-navel convention =D

    • Alright I’ll try to get them out asap^_^ but I don’t want to rush them to much.

      Yea this was actually my first comic book convention I’ve been to tho I’ve been to about 8 other conventions that were either about anime or cars.

      Thats pretty awesome tho that you got to visit Japan I really want to go but with all these figure pre-orders I have I don’t think I will be able to anytime soon>_<.

      • lol ye i had to stop spending on Figures etc for a few month D:
        but i guess it was definetly worth it since i managed to actually go to the country itself =)

        Its just that you need this determination, and thats what happen to me, I MUST NAO! lol =D

    • Yea I still have yet to hear anything from my boss. Since it was kind of a short notice I won’t find out till Thursday/Friday but I really want to go. Btw have you found out a time or at least a estimated time I should be there by?

      • I will be on a trip until Friday night. I will check back if there’s any internet. Hope that you can go.

        Be here by around noon is good. How much are you bringing?

  2. @FlawlessExa Alright well if I end up seeing you guys there I’ll be sure to stop and say Hi and hang out a bit otherwise if you don’t see me at all that day it’s most likely that I was not able to get the day off.

    Alright if I get off work I will head over there at that time. Well if you mean cash I probably won’t have to much to spend since I just bought my laptop but thats ok if I get to go at least I will meet some other figure collectors like myself^_^.

  3. @Fabrice Yea thats going to be tough not buying anything lol but then again if I don’t buy anything that means I can buy them at Japan if I go and I don’t have to waste money on shipping^ ^.

    I was originally going to try and get a 2nd job this year just so I can save up to go to Japan this December for comiket and I probably wouldn’t need to save up to much since I have a cousin who said he would let me stay at his place when I visit so that saves me some cash that I don’t have to use on a hotel.

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