I got some bad news:(

So I was working on my computer yesterday and all of a sudden my computer decided to crash and will now no longer turn back on. So it seems like I will not be able to do any reviews till I find out whats wrong or till I buy a new one. As of now I am just using my friends computer at his house so I don’t have access to my own computer or my video editing softwares.

I’ll still be recording my reviews while I wait to see what happens so at least when I do get my computer fixed or I buy a new one I can just edit and release them. Sucks I will need to rerecord some reviews that I was meaning to edit on my computer but never got around to it because of my mid-terms.

17 thoughts on “I got some bad news:(

  1. As of now I still really don’t really know what happened to it but if I were to guess it my motherboard might of just finally gave out so it looks like my next check will be to pay for a new computer. I already salvaged the Hard drive from my laptop that crashed so hopefully I can pull off the date on it because I have 2 unedited recorded reviews on the hard drive that I already erased off my camera and I really don’t want to rerecord them again>_<.

      • Pretty much. The power light does come on and so does the fan but thats about it nothing else seems to be getting power and the screen just stays black.

      • We don’t have a set time or place. Any time will be fine, we will be there at about 11am or 12pm. We will be moving about in the mall, when we rest, it will be somewhere in the plaza.

        I will be carry a paper flag with Danny’s orange diamond D symbol. So that’s how you will recognize me.

      • Ok so just to make sure it will be on the 10th around 11-12pm and just look out for someone holding a DC flag and this will be around the area of the Japan town mall?

        I’m still trying to get the day off from my boss so hopefully I can go.

    • Yea it does suck but I was lucky that my friend actually let me use his older laptop to get me through till I buy a new one which should be by my next check I just won’t be able to buy any figures next month>_<. Oh well I was always meaning to buy a new computer anyways guess this was a sign to finally buy a new one.

      • @Fabrice Yea I was happy to hear he was going to lend my his other laptop. Even tho it was old and was only good enough to run a internet browser I’m happy he lent it to me.

        I actually just bought a laptop today so I’m still fiddling with it to see what it can do and I still need to install a bunch of my old programs. For some reason I like having a laptop over a desktop tho maybe in the future I wouldn’t mind getting a desktop as well.

      • Ah, nice you got a laptop, which one?
        I tend to vary in what i prefer…but sometimes i like having desktop has if its good it runs smoothly, plus you get 2 big ass monitor lol
        =expensive D: in my dreams ye. >.<

        Me too i got myself a sony laptop 2 months ago ^^

      • I actually got an Asus G60 gaming computer since I love playing games and it is also capable of rendering my video reviews or any of my videos. I’ll probably post some pictures of it.

        I do like desktops as well and I was actually planning to get one before my other laptop broke but since my laptop crashed I had to get a new laptop because I can’t live without one>_<. Hopefully in the future tho i can get a desktop as well like one with two big ass monitors like you said lol.

        Thats pretty cool my dad owns a sony laptop and it seems like a good computer.

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