March/Birthday Loot!

Ok so February was a pretty dry month for me but my March haul made up for it^_^. (I Actually got Figma Mio and Yui in February but I decided to add them along with this loot). Anyways heres what I got:

Probably one of my biggest Hauls I've had in a while.

Looks like I'm going to be pretty busy...

I haven’t done any Gunpla for over a year and after seeing the Astray Red Frame I decided that I needed to get back into Gunpla building and of course one model wasn’t going to be enough>_< to satisfy my Gunpla needs that I’ve missed out during that year.

Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/100 MG
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise 1/100 MG
RX-75 Guntank MG 1/100 (one of the first gunpla I purchased when I was little except I had the HG version back then.)
Shin Musha Gundam. (A Gundam that looks like a Samurai what more can you want.)

I’ll be putting up some W.I.P of these Gundams once I get a chance to build some. Thankfully I’ll be out for spring break next week so I’ll get plenty of time to work on a few.

It's not a complete haul if I don't at least get 1 or a few Figma's ^_^

Figma Mio Akiyama
Figma Yui Hirasawa
Winter Campaign Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Uniform Ver.
Winter Campaign Len Kagamine

I couldn’t miss out on the winter Campaign so I got the few Figmas that I didn’t own yet. Wish they had Rin Kagamine still but they were sold out:(.

What are these you ask? Well they're duel maids of course!

I actually found these at out door market and they looked pretty cool so I had to pick them up. Plus they come with awesome looking weapons and I’m a sucker for huge weapons. Specially weapons that combine and turn into bigger weapons^_^.

The mystery boxes!

Decided to buy some Robot Tamashii products:
Hmmm wonder what can be in those other two boxes…..

As for the other two I got:
Cherudim Gundam
ALvaaron DX the core of Alvatore

I guess you can tell I love mechas.

So here is what was inside those boxes. I gotta thank for cousin who put in my pre-orders for these a while back. Sadly he did miss out on the FIgma Ui for me since he couldn’t make it to WF2010 but oh well I guess I will have to wait for the actual release.

Models Works Robot Tamashii exclusive Galahad (This actually came out on Jan 26th and Customs held mine hostage for over one month and just received it around the first week of march.)
I’m actually working on the review for this Figure now so I should have it out sometime this week.

and next of course is:
Robot Tamashii exclusive Tristan Divider.
I’ll start making the review on this next week when my spring break starts.

5 thoughts on “March/Birthday Loot!

  1. Awesome haul. I can probably never spend that much. Not without a job. ^ ^;

    Can’t wait for the reviews. They look awesome. I finished Code Geass season 1 a bit ago but haven’t started on season 2 yet. The Knightmare Frames sure looks cool though. ^ ^

    How much was the shipping for the MGs?

  2. Haha yea I have a pretty decent job right now that helps me fund my hobbies^_^ plus my birthday passed this month so I had even more extra cash to spend.

    Yea I’m working on them now but sadly my computer that contains my video editing software crashed last night so I can no longer edit any videos till I buy a new computer:/. Right now my friend actually lent me his really old laptop which is really only capable of browsing the internet>_<.

    Oh cool yea you should definitely finish season 2 it's pretty good^_^ and the Knightmare Frames are a pretty different change from Gundams so I like them a lot.

    I actually had my sister order them from a anime figure shop near her place so the shipping was within the US so all together probably around 20 for the Shin Musha, Blue Frame, and Guntank. As for the Red Frame it cost about 15 EMS from Amiami since it was a pre-order I put in last year.

    • Haha yea I really only got the other two figmas just for the winter campaign scarfs and their accessories^_^. I actually want to repaint Len Kagamine Keytar to match the one at the end of K-on So when I get Mugi next month she can have a Keytar:). I can’t wait for mugi either.

      Awesome your getting Mio:) I have to say figma did a great job on them and posing them next to my mobip versions you notice how much the mobip version fail to compare to figma.

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