Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Littner Review

Hey Everyone my next review is finally up and I decided to review a slightly older figure and that figure is the Fraulein Revoltech Yoko figure and if you know her you know she is from the anime and manga known as Gurren Lagann and keep in mind this is a review or the Original version and not the Movie version.
Also I just recently purchased Adobe Premier Elements 8 and if anyone has used it before can you please tell me how to render a video in 720p and still retain its size because no matter what I do every time I render the video it comes out kind of small which is why this review is a smaller size then usual.
So anyways heres the review:
Oh and I’ll be trying some songs and intro ideas for my next upcoming reviews this review will contain my first idea so tell me what you think.

Hmm this picture came out a little blurrier than I would of liked

My favorite pose to put this figure in.

6 thoughts on “Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Littner Review

    • Yea it is pretty hard to get many figures in that pose so thats why it’s one of my favorite poses to keep her in.

      Yea I responded to your post and I would like to attend it just keep me updated if anything changes because it would be fun to meet other people who like figures/anime like I do^_^ since I can’t find many people with the same interest in my town. So hopefully a lot people can make it:D

    • Yea she is probably my favorite looking out of all the revoltech female figures I have in terms of details. Yea she can be pretty expensive thats why it took me so long to finally get her till I found her for a great deal. Just keep shopping around and you may find her for a really cheap price like I was able too^_^.

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