Mobip Mio Akiyama Review

Hey everyone here is the second segment of The K-on’s Figure Corner. Today I will be reviewing Mobip Mio Akiyama.

Mio is the Bassist of the band and she is considered the most Moe of the all the K-on girls.

Mio is quite sad that I broke my Bass amp but I'm sure she is happy inside now that she doesn't have to perform in front of everyone by herself

R.I.P. to my Bass Amp 2007-2010

Sorry I attended to have another stop motion at the end for this review but sadly I blew out my bass amp:( during a jam session with my friends and I could not turn it up loud enough for my recorder to pick up the sound before it started sounding distorted. Oh well least this gives me an excuse to finally buy a new amp for my bass maybe I’ll pick up a 50 or higher watt amp this time around.

3 thoughts on “Mobip Mio Akiyama Review

  1. Haven’t finish K-ON! yet, don’t want spoilers. ^ ^;

    I think it’s better if you say the name in the correct order than saying it backwards.

    • Heh heh yea I got a few spoilers in the vids so best if you don’t watch them till you finish it. Yea I can start saying the name the real way but for some reason I just gotten use to saying them that way but hey maybe I’ll start doing it like that^_^.

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