Late January Loot

So I was able to pick up some new loot this month it’s not much because I had to pay for classes and books but I was surprisingly able to win these all for a really cheap price on ebay off separate auctions. Yup thats right I used ebay which I rarely do but I made sure ask if they were all authentic and they all responded back that they were and after further inspection once they arrived I have to say they all seem legit.

So anyways here is what I picked up.

Final Fantasy 7 Play Arts Vol.1 Action Figure (Cloud Strife & Hardy-Daytona version)

Nendoroid Tsukasa Hiiragi Standard Vers.

Nendoroid Yoko Litner

Konami MMS2nd Yoko Littner Figure

Small haul this month but better than nothing^_^

I’ve always been wanting this version of Cloud but I could never find it for a decent price till I actually won it for about 50% off it’s original retail price. I’ll get a review of this when I get a chance.

I have a bad feeling I'm about to catch the Nendoroid fever....

These are my first Nendoroid and I couldn’t help myself when I saw them both in the same auction going for so cheap so I had to get them since they are some of my favorite characters. I definitely enjoy the looks of Nendoroids now that I actually have some and I might have to pick some more of them up.

Another figure I’ve been wanting for a long time but never could find a good price but I finally have it and I’m just a few figures away now to completing my Yoko Shrine^_^.
Now to just find a decently priced Revoltech Yoko original figure.

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