Mobip Yui Hirasawa Figure Review w/Stop motion

I decided to make a new intro specially made for these next line of figures that I will be reviewing and I think I may of had a little to much fun with this review^_^ tho it’s for my favorite character so the extra time taken to make it was worth.

So this is the review about a fairly new figure company name Mobip that took on the task to bring us the first non scaled k-on figures to be released. This is a review of my favorite character from the K-on series Yui Hirasawa.

Stopmotion intro (6-8fps total of 160frames) My first real attempt at stop motion.

Stop motion ending (8-14fps total of 446 frames) found my computer was capable of more fps(frames per second) so you’ll see more improvement in that one versus the intro.

The Guitar for the  ending stop motion was played by me tho the ending was a last minute idea I thought I would include since I had some spare time at the end so I tried to learn what I could in a short period of time since this review is about 1 week delayed.

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