Last of my December loot.

The last of my loot has finally arrived and I’ve been waiting for this one for along time and my most favorite of what I recieved this month.

I should of received these along time ago but my bank was being dumb and not allowing hobby search to charge my debit card so of course hobby search held my items till I got everything sorted out.

So here is my long awaited loot and my last of 2009!

No major dents in the box thats always a good thing.

Nicely Packed as usual.

I finally have them!

Figma Kagami Miku Cosplay
Mobip Yui Hirasawa
Mobip Kotobuki Tsumugi
Mobip Akiyama Mio
Mobip Tainaka Ritsu

All the K-on Girls.

All the K-on girls! I’ll be starting my reviews up again after the new years and I will get onto reviewing these once I finish my Shenhu Review.

Feel free to check out my other reviews till then.

Kagamiku figma

Always been wanting this but I didn’t trust ebay to buy one from all the stories I heard of bootlegs so I was finally able to get my hands on one.

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