December Loot Part 2

Two of three of my big orders I bought this month have finally arrived:D Good thing I got all my Christmas shopping done for my family last month:) because I’m pretty much broke till next payday:/.

December Loot

5 Code Geass Ex-Portrait figures.

Figma Shamal

Figma Vita Figma Hayate Yagami

Damashii Robot Spirits Line ShenHu

You will finally be united with your family Signum:)

My Magical Girl Nanoha Figma Collection is finally complete. Well for now… Till they release the others next year ^_^.

Everyone posing with ShenHu

This was one of my Long awaited figures I’ve been waiting for first being the Guren Seiten and now I finally have ShenHu^_^. Expect a review of this figure to come out sometime this week.

Ex-Portrait Figures

I’ve been searching for this figures for a long time and finally found them for a pretty decent price. I have to say they are a lot better looking in person now that I have them. I’ll probably do a short review of these when I get some extra time.

You can find my Figure Reviews at:

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